Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.37: Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion

You thought this one was weird? Well, Ditto!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    There, there Suede… I used my Master Ball on a Ditto too… you are not alone…

    Also I wonder if the writer’s felt that way about the episode, because Dupilca does appear again with another Ditto that has a different transforming problem, this time it can’t change it’s size. And the episode ends with her accepting the problem having learning the lesson everyone is different. So there is an episode to make up for the faults of this one…. it did take a few years… and it was mid-Johto… but still!

  2. This was the first Pokemon episode I ever saw. I remember only catching the latter half of it during the part where the gang is imitating Team Rocket and having no idea what was going on. Who are these people? What’s the plot? What IS this?! But it looked cool, was something I’d never seen before, and got me interested in just what exactly this whole “Pokemon” thing was, so in spite of the message I still have something of a liking for it just from the nostalgia alone.

  3. I am always amazed when you keep finding new ways to introducing your patreons. It’s impressive.

  4. Yeah the message for this one is sorta messed up. Makes me wonder if the Johto episode with Duplica was an attempt to try and fix it… but then again… she shows up on the 176th episode of the show… nearly 140 episodes to fix a bad message like this? Ooh boy…

    How do you grade the next one I wonder, since the next episode is the infamous banned Electric Soldier Porgydon one that actually DID harm people giving them epileptic seizures and nearly got the show cancelled, I think something that actually hurt people watching it has to give it the worst possible grade by default, no?

  5. Anyone else ever got the impression in the game that copycat girl kinda crushed on Red?

  6. I certainly disapprove of the method used to correct Ditto, but in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with wanting to cure a serious defect. And that’s what Ditto has. Not a light scar, not a quirky personality, but a serious condition. As Dittos are meant to transform, what this one has is the equivalent of not being able to speak or walk properly. If Duplica was truly committed to helping Ditto, she would’ve put it through an intensive rehabilitation program, like those given to people with serious injuries.

  7. Ditto is my Eevee factory, that is its only purpose

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