Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.44: The Problem With Paras

Turns out Meowth’s a closet furry! Uh, wait…

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  1. Skip a town because it has no Poke Gym….what about to re-supply?

    I mean, they have backpacks and hike for miles, I would assume they would have supplies of food, first aide items, clothes, etc to survive their travels and that most of the stops they made in towns at least consisted of a resupplying stop.

  2. Your text scroll was WAY too fast. LOL

  3. Crossover Princess

    I would have gone with a reference from Video Game Confessions with the Star Fox episode in the stinger… but it’s Suede’s series… oh well…

    Also nice use of the Star Wars Crawl… That was really clever…

  4. I’ll admit when I watched this episode as a kid, my heart sank greatly when Charmeleon was shown to be an asshole, which only got worse in his next evolution.

  5. Damn, that’s a pretty good James impression!

  6. Zander Von Solidarc

    In answer to the question of why Meowth didn’t just explain the plan to Arbok and Wheezing and instead opted to smack them down himself, well, remember Island of the Giant Pokemon, where Ekans and Koffing left him at the mercy of Ash’s Pokemon to get drunk at the Slowbro bar? Meowth remembers…

  7. Been a while since there was an episode that reminded me this is the best Pokemon abridged series.

  8. Near the end, you said Arbok and Koffing. Should have been Arbok and Weezing 😉

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