Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.47: A Chansey Operation

The corrupt medical underbelly of the pokemon is exposed for all to see… and ash is made an assistant!

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  1. Oh! I see what they were trying to do with the doctor. George Clooney (before he got married) used to be a ladies’ man and so that may be another reason the doctor was portrayed like that. Maybe that’s also like his character on ER but I never watched it.

  2. Nice Persona reference.

  3. The mention of the Two Ronnie’s sketch was a nice surprise.

  4. Well, given the ordeal of trying to find a hospital in Shinjuku that would treat my dad when he was suffering from internal blood hemorrhaging, that explains a lot. Oh, and apparently we just happened to be there during Golden Week. I swear, that was not planned.

  5. Wait a second. I just recalled. Suede, why did you not address the absence of Togepi’s egg? That confused me when I was younger, so I could only assume that it was the result of episodes being aired out of order i.e. this episode actually takes place BEFORE Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon.

  6. where’s the fair use dammit?!

  7. Of course this close to the year anniversary of this retrospective is when it starts hitting speed bumps with copyright robots.

  8. Ring-Ring-Ring!
    Phone Call!
    Phone Call!

    All “sung” with the same tune as the Diglett/Dugtrio tune…

  9. For what it’s worth, I always assumed that it was Team Rocket driving the van that crashed, explaining why they’d have un-PokeBall-ed Pokemon in the back and therefore no Balls to return them to for teleportation to a Pokemon Center.

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