Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.48: Holy Matrimony

Suede tackles another fan favorite in this almost double length episode!

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  1. This is one of the episodes that sticks out to me. Kind of surprised Jezebel did not become a recurring gag like Jigglypuff. HAving her occasionally break into the action to ruin a Team Rocket plan with her own robot/blimp/vacuum or pokemon team would have been fun. Maybe give her a couple pokemon to counter their poison types like a Nidorina.

    Jacob’s voice is quite different from the last time he appeared in a collaboration on this channel. I follow him on twitter, so not surprising, but that his the first time I have heard his voice.

  2. Hurray for a random interruption about LGBTQWERTY stuff that not only serves to plug Suede’s views on a very divisive subject that are not, unlike what he seems to believe, shared-by-all common sense, but also have nothing to do with what he tries to tie it to.

    No, really, come on. Even if I had nothing against homosexuality, James just straight up isn’t gay, he’s not even “effeminate” – he was never anything more than a “lame, weak guy” to Jessie’s “violent, proud woman”. He didn’t need to be, because comedy cares not about sexuality. But nope, we can’t even have a “subversion of stereotypes comedy” without tying it into morally and politically controversial propaganda. Bugs Bunny dressed up as a chick plenty of times to “seduce” his enemies and ridicule them – guess he’s a transvestite and has been conceived to be a transvestite cartoon character, that’s the only way this could make sense. Even though it made sense for years before this politically correct interpretation.

    Other than that, it’s a great episode about one of the best Pokémon characters. It was definitely memorable and has kick-started my hatred for Jessie (and to a lesser extent Meowth) for how abusive their relationship with James was. He would’ve been better off just ditching TR and becoming Ash’s traveling companion after Brock (nobody liked Tracey anyway). And no, I’m not saying that now, those were the thoughts of the 8yo me almost every episode, because unlike what people seem to think Team Rocket was not universally loved by all Pokémon viewers (Sun&Moon though!). I suppose I have always wanted some character development and conflict in my stories… Or at least relevant continuity, that’d be nice…

    • Piss off.
      And don’t come back to this site again.

      • Keep the dislikes coming, I’m just laughing all the way.

        • You see, “piss off” is not an argument. A common mistake. Now, if you have any reason for why you think I’m wrong, please share. Otherwise, well, keep the dislikes coming. I’m just shrugging all the way.

          None of the dislikes on your comments are from me, by the way. Which is surprising, I didn’t expect any likes for me or dislikes on people arguing against me.

          • Even if I gave a convincing argument, (which I can very easily do.) You’re just put your fingers in your ears and just ignore everything I say. So really trying to convince you otherwise is a waste of time, just like your little rant that started this.

    • Gonna go out on a limb and say given a straw poll asking random people familiar with the anime that most would, in fact, classify James as effeminate.

      • “Truth” is not “majority’s opinion” though.
        James would be effeminate if he had womanly hobbies or tastes, that’s what the definition of the word is. But his hobby is not shopping sprees or knitting, it’s collecting bottle caps. Victreebel, Weezing, Amoonguss, Carnivine and Mareanie are also not particularly “pretty”…
        Or are these poll-voters simply thinking physical weakness, compliance under pressure, clumsiness and naivety to be exclusively female traits? That’s “progressive”.

    • So in a video in which a gay person says that they like the character of James, find them to be a positive representation of traits associated with being queer, and goes on to talk about how casual portrayals of those traits are positive and helpful, you respond by saying those traits are not that, and that you resent the attempt by the gay community to find a measure of acceptance in the character?

      Why are you kicking in the door to the clubhouse to condescend? Why not just say, “I would not have thought of James as gay or even effeminate, but whatever works for you?”

      Why the desire to tell someone they are wrong? Why the resistance to seeing how Coding works in fiction? Why the desire to argue at all? It is possible to disagree with something and not comment after all? Do you think you are making the world better by telling people that they are not as welcome/accepted as they think so that you can protect the hetrosexual reputaiton of a cartoon character most people would have no issue with saying he is on some level treated as effeminate? Right now, are you thinking of responding to me with some variation of “hetrosexuals are under attack”? Because I would suggest you don’t.

      • I am all for people liking James, I myself find him a great character. But that doesn’t mean that all the reasons for liking him are accurate. Liking the Muslim religion for having a battle-ready, non-submissive stance on issues is fine. Liking it for empowering women isn’t, because it’s just factually wrong.

        Liking James for how clumsy, naive, kind-hearted but weak and silly he is – absolutely fine. Liking him for being gay and effeminate – that’s a misunderstanding. Or worse, pushing your opinions and ideas onto reality. Again, if there was a show with a male gay character openly clinging to another male every episode, I would still argue that liking said character for “how close a friend he is to his buddy” was inaccurate.

        And the question “why argue at all” is a fatal one. Like, actually fatal, deadly. This is how the world moves forward or is kept from going backwards – by people discussing what they believe and why. Sure, let’s just go with one side silencing the other one and building the future of both unopposed. Nothing can go wrong when people agree with each other, who cares on what.

        Don’t worry, I won’t claim heterosexuals are under attack. That would be silly, it’s homosexuals who are. They are constantly bombarded by messages trying to prove the problem they have with their sexuality is just fine, it’s great even. Don’t change, don’t try to heal, don’t even dare to think something might be wrong with you. Just stay rooted deeply in your problem and pretend it doesn’t exist. You’ll be fine, we’ll pretend along. And if someone tries to reach out and offer an actual help, we’ll massacre them. For you.

        See, that’s the root of the problem. You think of homosexuality as an “alternative normal”, I see it as “abnormal”. You think it’s healthy, I don’t. And as long as we don’t meet eye to eye on this point, we’ll both argue against each other while both wanting the best for these people. But this isn’t the discussion for a comment section under a Pokémon video.

        Again, my actual comment was mostly about how viewing James as a homosexual or particularly effeminate is just not accurate. That’s the gist of what I wanted to say before I got carried away.

        • Wow, normally bigots are less upfront with their thoughts. But you just came out and said you think Homosexuals are abnormal and need to be healed of a deep rooted problem.

          You are a monster. And you are right. We will not see eye to eye.

          • “Bigot – someone who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief or opinion”.

            Does this describe the person who openly accepts that we both care about people, but disagree on facts, or the person who calls me a monster for having a different opinion on what homosexuality is?

            Insult me all you want, but be smart about it.

  3. Wow Jacob I hope you read the comments because I wanna say it was awesome to have you back in the game if only for a moment.

    Thanks for everything you contributed to the community and hope you’re doing well in the post-internet celebrity life.

  4. Crossover Princess

    “Hayate the Combat Butler is missing”… I don’t know why but that cracked me up.

    It’s interesting to hear how James from Pokemon help Jacob find out who he is. Sometimes the smallest things you don’t think about can have the biggest impact on someone in unexpected ways.

  5. I completely forgot James’ dad was George Joestar.

    Side note: Any chance Jacob is going to make more videos? Very few anime reviewers went or go as in depth as they did in review and retrospectives.

  6. Haha. Welp, I didn’t expect to see a dungeon in an episode of Pokemon. O.O

  7. So…James ends up at least being good friends and close co-workers with a woman who not only remarkably resembles the one he is repulsed by and has been avoiding his whole life, but also has a fairly similar name? I’m not sure whether to be impressed or disappointed there was no switcheroo gag with them given their similar appearances but I’ll go with the former since switcheroo gags are hackneyed beyond belief.

  8. I’m with James. Run as fast and as far away as you can from marriage.

  9. As someone who is quite effeminate, it really helped me in my formative years to see a guy in mainstream television who was like that, and not demonised for it. He even used to dress up in women’s clothing, which I could relate to as I used to like wearing my mother’s coats and other cloths as I felt they fitted my slender body-frame better than the bulky male items.

  10. I wnder how much of the gay coding was intended and how much of it is western perspective. For example how much influence Eric Stuart’s interpretation of the character has.
    Also the rose which James carries as his trademmark is often viewed as a gay coding in the west, while in anime roses when associated with male characters are usually used to signify a romantic connection with the female lead, i.e. it showcases heterosexuality. Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon is probably the example best known in the west. Now in Pokemon there is no romantic relationship, so the question is what purpose the rose has. To me it seems like James is presented (or rather: presents himself) as a stylish gentleman when doing the motto, the joke being that he is very clearly not.
    Similarly all-male theatre (Kabuki) is still common in Japan as is all female theatre (Takarazuka), so James’ and Jessie’s crossdressing would not seem as out of place in Japanese culture.

    I also find it curious that Jessie, despite showcasing stereotypically male attributes (loudness, agressiveness, rude speech), and crossdressing along with James is not typically thought of as gay or coded gay. Either the handful of male harem fantasies she had were sufficient or those traits are nowadays seen as non-transgressive in women, while men having stereotypically female attributes are still perceived as unusual.

    Anyways if it helped someone that’s nice to hear, but it’s also kind of sad considering that James of Team Rocket was the most positive role model for (some) gay kids in the 90s.

  11. VillainousBlogger

    This was actually a pretty powerful and kinda dark episode looking back at it. It’s interesting how Pokemon, even for the English Dub, showed that James went through such a hard childhood even as a kid who could’ve had it all but being forced to have lessons and eventually get married to a whacko lady that was more than willing to torture him to keep him compliant. I don’t know if the moment at the end with Jessie and James means they’ll eventually get together as a couple or shows the bonds of friendship will never keep them apart but it was still sweet.

    And bringing Jacob in to talk about what James meant to them was very cool. Kudos.

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