Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.50: Who gets to keep Togepi? Ft Thecartoongamer

Custody battles! That’s what the kids are into these days, right?

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  1. Crossover Princess

    The first time I saw Togepi wasn’t on the show but rather in merch form. I live in San Francisco (born and raised) and I’d often go to Japan Town. I saw some stuff with Togepi on it wondering what that Pokemon was. Not too long later the episode premiered and now I knew.

    So yeah, I knew about Togepi before it was cool…

  2. When I was a kid, Misty made me so mad when she shoved Ash, who was holding Togepi when it was hatching, out of the way and snatched it for herself. Now that I’m older and know Togepi’s role, it makes more sense for either Misty or Brock to have it, but still. When people ship Ash with companions, that moment is a big reason why I’m never on the AshxMisty boat.

  3. I think I remember this episode for the Pokémon center alone.

  4. Love the guy’s Meoth voice.

  5. In that scene where they toss the egg around, Brock gets hit in the back and – OPENS HIS FRICKIN EYES!
    For a split second.

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