Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.53: The Purr-fect Hero

After feeling like a kid from reviewing Origins, now it’s time to remember just how annoying kids are!

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Crossover Princess

That padding joke made me laugh so much… It was just so perfect…

Also I knew that bit at the end from somewhere and then I googled and I was like “Oh… it’s from Who Framed Roger Rabbit!”

Zander Von Solidarc

Would you believe X and Y reused this episode’s premise almost to the letter? Even down to the kid being scared of Pokemon from a freaking Beedrill attack!


Ugh. I didn’t even like children when I was a kid. I’m glad I didn’t see this episode as a kid. I know I would have been so annoyed even if the episode happened to be objectively good.


This is the first episode of the bunch that I didn’t remember. Now I’ve been told why.


That kid is a FACE HUGGER!