Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.57: The Breeding Center Secret

What kind of an episode name for a kid’s show is that? “The breeding center secret”, it sounds like a short story by Clive Barker!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    Damn it! You just had to make fun of those ads… that was was too funny…

    And yeah, why didn’t they just use the original Japanese translation for the buffet. That would make the episode better because of it.

  2. I never did like how James’s Weepinbell/Victreebell just randomly appeared and no one battered an eye like it had always been with him. I seem to remember there being some sort of flashback to him capturing it way down the line when it gets released though. I wonder what possessed them to just stick it in there like that? At least with Ash’s Tauros it did actually happen in a episode, just not one anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese got to see….

  3. That took a dark turn. You’re right. I think it’s the writing on Misty.

  4. Love me some Butch and Cassidy

  5. 3:14 Silly Suede, Fire won’t be very effective against a Psyduck. Contrary to what Brock might say.

  6. Hey. I will easily concede that the metric system makes way more sense to measure distance, but I will defend measuring heat with Farenheit as the the best method. It’s litterally a scale of 1 to 100. How is that not way more sensible when it comes to weather tempurature?

    • Huh? Celcius is the one were 0 degrees is the freezing point of water and 100 is the boiling point. Fahrenheit is the one were the freezing point is 32 degrees and the boiling point is 212 degrees. And neither scales stops at the boiling point of water, both can still be used to measure hotter temperatures.

      So I have no idea what you mean by saying Fahrenheit is a “scale of 1 to 100”.

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