Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.62: Clefairy Tales

Now I’m not saying it’s aliens…

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  1. Thank God for Swede talking about something that isn’t Star Wars. (Although there is a spaceship in this episode.)

    But yeah this episode was crazy, and I remember enjoying it as a kid. Especially when Jigglypuff went on the slapping rampage.

  2. Crossover Princess

    It took me like a minute to get that the commenting rules was a parody of Jeopardy.

    Also the stinger… short, simple but really got me laughing.

    Also nice lamp shading about Misty retroactively gaining Fairy Types despite not existing until a few years ago…

  3. Oh! I remember this episode. Stupid little kid me thought Clefairy was Jigglypuff at first.

  4. I always thought Team Rocket said “no make up”

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