Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.EX02: Snow Way Out!

Ash nearly dies, Jessie goes crazy and Meowth reveals his secret birthday candle obsession!

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  1. I had this episode on VHS as a kid, and I could’ve sworn the match scene was in the VHS. And I also could’ve sworn the scene is shown on the Pokemon Website when it’s available. I’m not sure if this is a Berestain Bears moment for me, or if the scene has been unbanned as time went on.

    I probably had the uncensored VHS, seeing how it also contained Holiday Hi-Jynx

  2. Wow. The trivia this time around was really interesting.

  3. Few things.
    1) That closing gag totally worked for me. I liked it a lot.

    2) I love the trivia about Jesse’s Mom. I am almost certainly going to be sharing that information with other people and will reference this video should they ask me where I got the info.

    3) Anyone else think the match scene might have been a reference to the story of “The Little Match Girl”? A short story about a girl who dies in the snow after lighting every match in her vendor box trying to stay warm.

  4. I would love to see anime about Jesse’s mom because she sounds like one awesome woman.

  5. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    What’s memorable about the episode is that the big huddle was used in the “My Best Friends” song in Pikachu’s Jukebox

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