Suede’s Pokemon Journey ORIGINS: File 1 – Red

I got over $500 on Patreon! As a thank you, let’s take in the first of four episodes of weapons grade nostalgia, spiced with some old fashioned trauma!

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  1. I actually like Origins far more than Ash Pokémon. While Ash Pokémon is nostalgic show to all of us I find that Origins did more things right. Also having beginning, middle and end helps as well when compared to endless series with constant reset after each season.

  2. After seeing Red’s actions here, it really makes me scratch my head on why fans hype Red so much, when he makes just as many mistakes as Ash does. He didn’t even know Pokémon types affected battles, something that I knew about before I started playing Pokémon on my Game Boy.

    • Well, sorry to bust your bubble Red fans but I’m only critiquing the same thing Suede did in this video. I’ll be as sacrilegious to your Pokémon lord and saviour as much as I want.

      • RedMilleniumRanger

        Red in Adventures isn’t a genius, but he’s at least portrayed to be far more competent than how he appears in Origins. As for why he’s so beloved, that’s mostly due to people imprinting on his game incarnation. He’s generally seen as a strong and silent stoic who will push you to your limits before pushing you further.

        • I’m aware of all this, especially about the last one. Which is why my original comment now has 3 dislikes, despite the fact that Suede and I have the same opinion on Red in this episode. I guess only Suede can say it, but may other people be damned I guess.

          • I don’t have issue with trainer making mistakes, especially on the beginning. I only pissed why show ignore Pokemon types.

  3. Needs more Blue, the female character. If just to re-brand her from being a ten year old sexual predator.

  4. Interesting. I’ve never heard of Pokemon Journey ORIGINS before… OH! 2013! That explains it. I haven’t seen Pokemon-related media since the early 2000s.

  5. I want more Kanto season but fuck yeah I’ll take Origins too!

  6. Good review. I have to say, I am glad they completely made it its own thing, and did not do many references to Ash Pokemon.

    For me, if I wanted an Anime version of Ash Pokemon, I would watch Ash Pokemon.

    I do agree, however, that Red is a bit too clueless, but could forgive this due to them answering some of the things which did always confuse me in the game, such as the massive differences in the strength of Gym leaders.

    • Origins is adaptation of the game, not of the mainline anime so referencing Ash would be nonsense as most from that show is own entity. It never was a canon.

      Though to be a nitpick Origins also isn’t perfect. They weren’t allowed into Game Freak design documents and as such they didn’t know about some more elusive aspects of the franchise. Like that everyone there basically use teleportation.. it is why there is no usable roads or how trainer defense work. It is so weird that most people are unaware of something clearly pointed out in first game by Mr. Pokemon.

      I also disagree with whole animal cruelty thing.. game implied in many places that Pokemon in fact do like fighting and many of them is quite inteligent, so would oppose if that would cause them pain.

  7. Guys I looked it up and sepultura means grave or the act of burying someone. So Red actually considered naming his Charmander burial.

  8. Origins was a great show and after watching it I wished the actual anime (Ash Pokémon) had been like this.

    Suede, you missed a little tidbit at the end. When you saved your game in the old versions, it asked you twice before saving. 😉

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