Suede’s Pokemon Journey ORIGINS: File 2 – Cubone

Orphaned pokemon and ghostly apparitions? Time for Red to crack some skulls! Hmm, maybe not the best choice of words…

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  1. Zander Von Solidarc

    Get used to the rushed format of this episode, Suede. Next time, we wrap up Red’s entire gym badge quest AND the primary villain of the series, all in under 22 minutes.

    • I remember hearing about this series and deciding to go to my college’s Anime Club to catch its showing. At the time I thought this series was going to be a full 13 or even 26 episodes, each time one of these episodes jumped ahead I was aghast.

      What the original series managed to squeeze dozens of episodes out of this thing breezed past so quickly I felt mildly insulted on behalf of the source material.

  2. So much nitpicking. To be fair they needed to include so much to single episode while not having that much time that they had to rush some things that were clearly included just because they had to. I am actually okay with that since none of those were focus of episode so having them rushed didn’t take anything away.

  3. Gosh. Pokémon Journey ORIGINS seems a little darker than average Pokémon.

    • No shit.. games always were darker then anime. Especially if we consider Pokemon-Mother shared universe theory where everything is result of devastating alien invasion lead by terrifying Gyigas (guess who’s That Pokemon).

  4. Rocket 2: “I thought the Marowak was a ghost type Pokémon playing a prank”.
    Rocket 1: “No it’s a real ghost”.
    So despite the fact Gastly, Haunter, Gengar are called GHOST Pokémon, and the official Pokedex states that they are the spirits of dead Pokémon, they’re still not counted as actual ghosts. What??????
    With that poor writing, poor dubbing, and mediocre animation, this episode deserved that E+.

  5. Ghosts are real! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yeh, I don’t really like that subplot with Pokemon daycare. First of all Team Rocket steal Pokemon’s of other people. Whole point was to have already trained Pokemon, and showing coughing Pokemon for profit is stupid because that is what we as players do whole time (in the game they goal was diferent). Also whole subplot is stupid also because most Pokemons are stored in PC and releasing them is not a issue and rare (not that you usually lack the storage space). It is not like abandoning puppies in the forest as show present.

    Basically whole plot is contradictory to what player doing and feel like pointless preaching.

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