Suede’s Pokemon Journey Origins: File 3 – Giovanni

Your pet can beat up my pet? Time to dismantle my organised crime syndicate!

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  1. I actually like that not only they gave Giovanni back story that was reason why he disbanded Team Rocket but also how he is clearly being like us adult Pokémon players. Only bad line from him in entire episode was that reference to HP but I can forgive that when rest of episode was rather good.

    • Agree, but I don’t see HP thing as huge issue. Mostly because it is a gym battle and such equipment wouldn’t be that weird. It was also used to show side of Giovanni character, as he is only one who pay attention to numbers.

  2. I’m really liking these Pokemon Journey Origins videos. It’s easier to get jokes out of this series because of the show’s overall quality.

  3. Wait, is that a female Team Rocket member in front of that building? They seem to be surprisingly scarce in this miniseries in spite of the Team Rocket in both the original show and the games also having a lot of female members.

  4. You’re right Suede, how dare they represent the energy of these half-organic, half-code creatures that we carry in special capsules or save as data in an Internet cloud with a number. Shame on them to actually not ignore this essential aspect of the Pokéworld.
    Come on.

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