Suede’s Pokemon Journey Origins: File 4 – Charizard

And so we reach the end of Suede’s short detour. But who’d have thought he’d be rooting for the rival?

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  1. I like the music that was playing when Breen was introduced. Also, I was about to type the Lord of the Rings joke and you did for me. Dang it, Suede! Haha

  2. I had forgotten how good and epic battles in this last episode really are.

  3. Ah, in Gen 1, Persian was one of the fastest Normal types around and had a high crit-ratio due to critical hits being tied to the speed stat. Most likely that’s why it was being used here.

  4. Eeee. <3 Made it in at the last minute. Thanks for working me in there.

  5. I’m just here to say how much I like your writing and that your jokes always almost spot on and make me laugh.
    Please continue to do so.

  6. Mew wasn’t counted because he was considered as extinct at that point not mentioning unobtainable. Not mentioning of course that two other extinct G1 Pokemon, but you can get they clones legitimately when you can’t get Mew without use of the glitch (or daddy in Nintendo). And speaking about glitches he also didn’t cough Missingno. Also Mew would say something more like “so it is this human who defeat inferior imitation of the dark lord”. But I guess it is a fan-theory* and Japanese dub only (seriously.. in Japanese version of Pokemon The Movie Mew was a bitch).

    *I referee to Pokemon-Mother shared universe theory.

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