Suede’s Top 5 Games Of 2017

Wait, Suede has a FACE again? Suede ends the year with something a little different: a recap of the best games he played in 2017.

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  1. Oddly enough, I played both RE7 and RE4 this year. I actually finished RE4 last night. Loved both of them, although I prefer 7 a lot more.

    My favourite game that I played (that came out) this year was – and I kid you not – Kingdom Hearts 2.8… but only the Fragmented Passage part. I honestly don’t know why I liked over all the other games I played this year. When I first played it, I didn’t know what to expect, apart from some sort of demo. But instead, it took me by surprise with its theme of hopelessness and visuals. Even though it wasn’t long (less than 2 hours if I’m not mistaken), I fell in love with it unexpectedly. Even though other games surpass it in most aspects (can never beat Square when it comes to visuals), it took me by surprise and won my heart.

    Anyway, have a happy new year, Suede.

  2. It’s nice to hear that you also enjoyed Persona 5 as much as I did. Final Fantasy 9 was unexpected but nice surprise. To me NieR: Automata is also among top video games from 2017 and masterpiece that I can point out if some one asks me are video games art because least it surely is. Other than playing those I have been spending lot of time playing Tekken 7 as well. Some times I want solid 3D fighting game and Tekken 7 is one and it’s my favorite fighting game from 2017 as well as main reason why I got PS4.

  3. I really wanted to play Horizon: Zero Dawn because robot-animals = heck yeah. I’ll probably play it one of these days.

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