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AngryJoe, OtherJoe, Delrith & AngryLiquid Review Suicide Squad! Is it as bad as Rotten Tomatoes shows at 27%? Could it be worse than BvS: Dawn of Justice?

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  1. TheIdiotAlchemist

    This movie was just a good damn time at the theater. Great soundtrack, great characters, great time. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED, CRITICS?! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! WAS THAT NOT WHY YOU WERE THERE?!

  2. I may see this next weekend. From what you’re saying, it sounds like I’ll like it better than Batman v. Superman (which I thought was ho-hum). I am a Marvel fangirl but I like to give DC a chance. Still, you need some fun and it seems like that’s what Suicide Squad is bringing.

  3. This movie was C- to my friend who doesn’t read comics. and for me it was a solid F.
    And top my top 5 WTF is wrong with this movie moments.
    5. Amanda Waller is supposed to be a woman who’s as good-looking as she is nice. Viola Davis is way to pretty to be “The Wall”
    4. This team of hardened Psychopaths bonded really fast didn’t they? two fight scenes and now they’re family? bull.
    3. The costumes on the female characters. I was gonna give Harley Quinn’s outfit as pass. I really was then I saw enchantress. ‘So we’re gonna put you in a flesh colored bodysuit, and we want you to gyrate whenever you talk. way to keep it classy DC. also don’t think I didn’t notice Katana’s stupid bare midriff either.
    2. The alleged Joker. The Joker does NOT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT HARLEY QUINN!!! that is the core of their abusive relationship. She is hopelessly devoted to him, he could not give less of a crap about her unless she’s of use to him. the only reason he would possibly go to this much trouble for her is if he had a scheme to kill Batman that relied on using Harley.

    and number 1…

    Katana, the only hero in this movie is nothing but a walking prop. Seriously. erase her from the movie in your mind and see what changes.

    Done, what changed? NOTHING!!! okay, Harley would have had to pick up some other sharp object to cut enchantresses heart out with, BUT THAT’S IT. Katana is only in this movie so that Harley can have a sword to use at the climax. Oh and to add more bewbs to this movie.

    Suicide Squad was the most immature movie I’ve sat through in 5 years. It’s sad when Independence Day 2 has more brains than your movie. and as for funny the best laugh I got all movie was the WI-fi password joke in the Doctor Strange trailer.

    • First and foremost, I want to refute issue number 2. Everyone has their own opinion on this, but to me the vibe I got wasn’t that he truly loved her so much as a kid who wants his toy back, ‘nobody touches my things’. Harley’s his, and he wants her back. Note that in the flashback showing how she got caught, Joker didn’t hesitate to leave her in the car and get out on his own.

      Issue 5, you’re upset that Viola Davis isn’t fat enough? Firstly, where were they going to find a morbidly obese African American actress talented enough to play Amanda Waller? And secondly, I’m just glad she’s not the supermodel looking woman from the Arrowverse and New 52.

      Issue 4, extraordinary circumstances cause fast bonding. Also, the only one who called the others family was Diablo. Harley just calls them her friends. Sure Deadshot didn’t kill Harley, but Deadshot’s usually portrayed as relatively more noble.

      The first issue and third issues, fine, fair enough, though Enchantress was keeping with the theme of the character, the creepy ‘exotic’ seductress.

      • On the Joker & Harley, fair enough I guess if there’s a sequel we’ll find out.

        On Waller, there are obese actors and actresses many of them talented.

        Enchantress; There’s a difference between seductive and pandering to the “lol bewbies” crowd and she crossed it when she started gyrating her hips with every line she spoke. and It’s no one character it’s…
        Okay I best noticed this because my Movie theater had this big cardboard display for the movie with all the characters lined up. Look at how Deadshot, Flagg, Boomerang and hell even Croc are dressed.
        Now look at how the Female characters (Waller being the exception) are dressed.

        On the bonding, The part with Deadshot deliberately missing Harley just felt stupid. Why would he not kill her? she been whispering to them that she and Joker would help them too but she was just bailing on them without even suggesting that Joker have their bombs deactivated too. Yeah he couldn’t trust Waller to keep her word but she might have, He had nothing to lose but potentially everything to gain. Speaking of Will Smith’s Character, Wouldn’t it had made more sense for the Mercenary/Hitman who wants to protect his daughter to be Deathstroke not Deadshot? I mean yeah Slade is supposed to be white but, if memory serves Deadshot is too. My only objection to that would have been that I would kill to see Ron Perlman play Slade live-action. But I’d have lived with Smith as a black Deathstroke.

        Suicide Squad reminds me of Torchwood. all it’s attempts to seem more mature just made it feel more juvenile.

        • I suppose, though I still feel it’s better than the original X-Men trilogy where Mystique was always naked because…reasons. Also, and I say this as a single, hormonal 22 year old lesbian, the only time I noticed it was when Harley was in the weird white outfit doing gymnastics in her cell, which I admit was uncomfortable. I don’t know, the girls were all wearing functional clothing and aside from the once I didn’t even notice, so it doesn’t bother me.

          As for Deadshot, no, that’s actually in character for him, at least since the New 52 and Assault on Arkham (which isn’t canon, but it’s another example) he has a daughter that he wants custody of, and he doesn’t kill innocents. The only real change was that his daughter is usually portrayed as being 5 or so.

          As for Waller, once again, I’m just happy they didn’t get a super skinny, young woman. Waller did a good job as the character and felt genuinely Waller, so I don’t care that she’s not morbidly obese.

          • I’ll put my out problem as images This
            is Katana’s costume in the comics. This is the movies verison

            Note the pointless bare midriff (On someone who fights people with a sword) and lack of armor.

            This is Comics Enchantress

            Do I really have say anything. yeah it’s skimpy but not that much by Superhero standards.

            and don’t tell me you didn’t notice how in love the camera was with Harley’s ass. it got more screen time than Katana.

          • …no, no I didn’t. I legitimately did not notice the camera spending an inordinate amount of time on Harley’s ass. And maybe it’s just that after so much garbag from Michael Bay, I’m less concerned with fanservice than whether or not the characters serve a purpose beyond fanservice. And in that regard, they 100% succeeded. None of them women felt like they were solely there to be eye candy, at least not to me. I did not notice what Enchantress’ hips were doing, and I really don’t care about Katana baring her stomach. Maybe it’s just because I grew up on Kim Possible, maybe it’s just that it’s infinitely better than Jessica Alba getting naked in the mid 2000 Fantastic Four movies, Mystique being naked in the original trilogy, and Emma Frost being pointless in First Class. I don’t know. As for Enchantress, two things. First, given the jungle temple found by an archaeologist origin, she looked and felt like something out of a Tarzan, Indiana Jones, Doc Savage story, you know, jungle pulp. Also, well, a woman who kisses people to enslave them into helping her and can control stuff with her mind? I feel like they were testing the waters for Poison Ivy here, and the costume may have been influenced by that. That’s speculation I admit, but who knows?

  4. I saw it on Friday and while it did fare better than BvS for me, it wasn’t that great of a movie and I have no idea why DC’s film franchises are going down the drain after Nolan’s Batman films.

    And Jared Leto’s Joker sucked too. A disgrace to the live action Jokers like Nicholson, Ledger, and Ceasar Romano.

  5. Man, villain and plot was so bad I was able to remember the name of Thor 2 villain – Malekith. And that dull elf thing looked lie best thing ever in comparison. Team worked great, most of actors were great, but they had no plot and nothing interesting to do. And montage was done by drunken monkeys. Bar scene totally ignores helicopter scene and it looks completely stupid. It is the best movie in DCEU, but it isn’t good. It has good things, but it has too many bad things.

  6. I have not seen the movie, as I decided after seeing Batman v Superman on the opening Thursday that DC would not get theater money out of me unless I saw good reviews up front. Unfortunately I cannot trust these particular reviewers with this product because in the Batman v Superman review they told people to see the movie, even though they acknowledged the movie had issues. Don’t give DC a dime until they make actual good comic book movies. Then SHOWER them with money.

    What is a movie “for the fans”? Its BS to cover up crap that fans will ignore, like these reviewers apparently did. I have a huge blindspot for comic book movie but after Batman v Superman opened my eyes, DC convinced me that it needs to step up its game and that we cannot reward their mediocrity. For the record I like both Marvel and DC comics, Superman #775 is one of my top 3 comics of all time, along with Amazing Spider-man #350 and Spider-Man and the X-men #6. Yes, Spider-man is my favorite, but I still buy DC comic books.

    P.S. The review mentioned that Jai Courtey put on an accent for this movie. As the character Captain Boomerang and the actor are both Australian I would think he would just use his own accent, but I am curious if he used a different regional accent for the character.

  7. it was Done in my Home City of Toronto and

  8. Did I watch the same movie as Joe and his cronies? Does anyone on this panel disagree with Joe? The film was bad. Not 27% bad but still bad.

  9. TheGangstaOfLove

    I don’t think suicide squad is a bad movie. My only major problem is that I wanted more. I wanted more comedy, more character moments to reinforce that these guys are a team and that they want to look out for each other as friends. The seeds were there I just wanted them to push it further. I do hope they give this movie a sequel so they can continue expanding on what they gave us.

  10. I thought the critics were spot on this film was a childish mess of poor to average performances and virtually no story telling. Robie was annoying, Smith was just the usual racist Fresh Prince and Leto was a terrible Joker who was so un-Joker like I barely recognised him. I am not sure why you are raving about this film Joe a pay off?
    Oh and the soundtrack was basically a Watchmen want to be but for fourteen year olds.

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