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ERod faces the DCEU one last time with The Suicide Squad.

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  1. Ehh sorry Erod. Still dont like this new style.

    It feels like you put too much effort into making fun of characters and making jokes about them.

    I preferred it when it was more about analysis and you talking about characters, actors, villains and why they were good or bad. It felt alot more professional to me.

  2. This was better. There were points made that didn’t get overshadowed by the action parts. Those action parts were not so immature, and could actually integrate with the point being made.

    There was some insight into the character of Deadshot and how he was poorly portrayed. Though it comes across as only a passing mention. An explanation of each character and how well/poorly they hold up in the movie would have expanded on this. Though this style seems to rely on rapid pacing. Like wise there were almost some counterpoints that were only brought up to be just as quickly dismissed and not actually addressed.

    This style is starting to show potential. The main failing of the movie is that it has too much show and not enough substance. This has bled into the video as well. Compared to the last video this one has a better ratio. Though I do not think it has found right mix.

  3. E-Rod, I’m sorry, but new style ain’t working out for me. All you’re doing is inserting yourself in the movie and basically being a dick to everyone while “acting cool.” I mean, you’re being a dick to member of the Suicide Squad, and you’re getting away with it? I don’t know how powerful you believe the Blockbuster Buster persona is, but you don’t just be an asshole towards Deadshot, Joker, and Harley Quinn and walk away with it unscathed. 6 minutes in, and I’ve just lost my patience.

    And you represent the fanboys? I know that, but right now, you’re acting as the worst part of fandom in this case by being a semantic dickhole to these characters. I’m sorry, but that’s just my sincerest opinion to your show right now as a staunch viewer for over 4 years.

    I honestly think you should keep the production quality here, but stick to the old reviews. I know copyright is a pain, but fight for what you love. Also, I suggest a script supervisor because your writing isn’t great at all.

    Sincerely, a firm believer of your work for 4+ years.

  4. short and full of FX
    I liked but I also like the old way.

  5. I like the new Style. You can see that a lot of effort went in and the light and effects look great. Only sometimes you can see little problems with the greenscreen, but I think thats just because he is still testig things out.

    The only thing that I really don’t like is, that he is trying to hard to act serious and cool. That makes everything look to serious and when he treats the other characters with no respect, I felt even sorry for the actors. At that point he just comes of as a dick, wich is no fun to watch.

    I think that problem could be solved, if the mood was a little lighter and if the other actors also got to make good jokes. Maybe he could make the other characters a little more selfaware and witty, and not make everything so one-sided.

  6. I like the new format. The points you make come across well, and are a lot more abridged given the budget restraints. I enjoy the wish fulfillment of going into the screen and yelling at the characters. It feels very Looney Tunes-esque. I would like to see more of the screenshots appearing at your side, though.

  7. Feedback – Your new show expects that your audience has seen the subject matter to appreciate the content. I never watched BvS and while some of that movie got into the public eye its safe to say that Suicide Squad really didn’t. I’m not getting anything out of this new format because I haven’t watched the movie.

    Feel free to blame me on that one but if your webshow demands that your fans have a good understanding of everything you cover than that puts up a SIGNIFICANT barrier to entry compared to the old formula.

    As you can probably tell I didn’t enjoy this episode. I wasn’t invested in the content and while I get what you were trying to say in places I couldn’t appreciate it from a viewers perspective. I’m not in on the joke and so I’m not having a good time.

  8. I’ll also take this time to agree with a few of the above posts–this idea isn’t working and I’ll share why.

    First off is this new format highlights the biggest problem of the character of the Blockbuster Buster–he’s poorly written OC for fan-fiction. Honestly, he feels like something a freshmen in high school would write. “Hey guy I made this new character: The BB Breaker! He’s the most powerful character ever! He goes into the Suicide Squad and he beats up the Joker, Deadshot, and tells Harley to get lost!! It’s so cool!” No it isn’t. It’s boring, it’s not entertaining, and it comes off as juvenile. I mean both reviews so far you just beat up the characters–you come off as a bully who settles his issues with violence when you’re supposed to be better than that.

    Secondly, this new format I feel disrespects the characters and franchises rather than its intended purpose of keeping the bashing to the film itself–similar to the reference parades of the “Not other *blank* movie” films. I know you love the franchises and the characters, but the way you’ve framed and cut corners with the writing and set up, you come across as very disrespectful, like your attacking the characters and franchise themselves. Maybe you could try to bookend each episode with you putting the film in, getting pissed and jumping into the TV. Then once the review ends jump out of the TV, destroy the film and say your tagline–just to frame everything in context.

    Invest in a boom mic and some sound editing software.

    Skit based clip-less reviews are a lot of work, but this is just you in front of a green screen, other in costume, talk, scene ends. It’s not visually engaging and because the attention is more on the effects, visuals, and costumes we’re missing a lot of clever writing and–this is important–humor. You’re trying to cover an entire film in 7 minutes. Slow it down. These feel like abridged reviews. It’s not a full experiences and you can feel it.

    Sit down, have a think, and get back to us.

  9. Erod your new format is too short and unfocused.

  10. Say what you will about arrow(dont watch it,it sucks),but it has FAR superior suicide squad than this piece of crap.Also,it restraints itself from cramming in harley simply because she is the most popular one.A brief cameo,and thats it.

  11. I feel like even fake Deadshot would have at least gotten ERod in the shoulder but that’s a nitpick. On your criticism of the movie itself, I don’t think the PG-13 rating hurt this movie. I also found The Joker and Harley scenes (while not accurate) interesting. However, yeah, the Joker is useless in the movie. I liked the movie more than any of the other DCEU movies but it’s still a 5.5/10 movie. On your new style… it’s improved compared to the Batman v. Superman video but it’s still something I’m going to have to get used to. I also don’t mind these videos being shorter but this one needed about 2 extra minutes.

  12. Why is this clown here? Is he funny? No. Is he charming and charismatic? No. Does he offer any form of insightful analysis that is unique from others? No! He’s just a whiny fanboy who can’t accept his opinions are just that: opinions. I don’t even like this movie and even I think this was a crap review.

  13. Batman-Credit-Card

    I loved the “old” BlockbusterBuster because it´s been what it´s been. There was no need to change the format in that way. The new show imho would work great as an addition to the original BB. Like one of those “new format shows” once amonth or so. I miss the old format.

  14. Here is a suggestion; either record mask wearing peoples voice seperatly, or add a portable mike inside.the muffling is horrible. like the format though

  15. Guess I’m done watching the BB, I don’t like the NC’s clipless reviews, and this is basically that.

  16. Yet another short video to review the movie. I understand its flaws, even though I still like the movie and The Enchantress, but WHY are the videos so short? I understand you do more quality than quantity, but…are the rest of the videos going to be like this?

  17. The main problem that I have with this new format is that these episodes are *much* too short. I understand that the eps likely need to be shorter due to the higher production values, and I doubt that anyone wants to watch ERod beating up fictional characters for twenty minutes, but without the thoughtful analyses of the previous format, these shorts just come off as venting, which is OK at first, but simply spewing bile gets old after a while, and ERod’s detailed blow-by-blow analyses were the best elements of the previous series. Honestly, I think that you should do these “attack” videos *alongside* of the standard Blockbuster Buster episodes rather than *instead* of them. This new format might have worked as a side piece, but as a substitute to the original format, it falls flat because it’s not strong enough to stand on it’s own merits. Now, if there’s some way that you could combine the two formats, then you might have something.

  18. The Real Silverstar

    I liked this one better. The BvS episode wasn’t bad, but it coming right after the last original format episode which went after the same movie kind of felt like doing the same thing twice; perhaps those 2 videos could’ve been combined into 1 single video, i.e., Erod could’ve started reviewing BvS the original way, then during the course of the review it would then morph into the new format with Erod leaping into the movies to bust them from the inside while interacting with the characters.

    On a similar vein, maybe the 2 formats could be combined, part review, part character interaction. Just a thought. However, if this is the direction Eric wishes to take the series, that’s fine too; my only nitpick with the new format is that these videos are so short. I understand that if we spent too long on the interactions it would start to get stale (not to mention budget constraints), but maybe just 1 additional scene or 2, or at least taking a moment for analysis and/or a summation wouldn’t hurt.

    That said, I did enjoy this episode. Next up is Independence Day: Resurgence; it’ll be interesting to see Erod invade a non-superhero movie.

  19. I’m out…. Before the format switch I looked forward to the weekends, it meant a new Blockbuster Buster was to be posted. I had been loyal fan for many years and really did enjoy the well thought out reviews. What kept me was the content, not the effects of the reviews themselves. 15-30 min reviews that moved along with the sequencing of the movies (with clips to support the data) works. It gives us more information than we can typically glean ourselves from any rotten tomatoes review. All that said, hope the new format works out for you; but i’m done watching. This new direction isn’t entertaining or all that interesting. I miss learning unique or obscure information that I had not heard before…

  20. Acetylsalicilique

    Waah waah waah… It’s not like in the comiiiiiics !

    Shut up Erod u_u

  21. Definitely not going to say the new style is “bad” because there are several things that are done well and likable here.

    However, I think if you could combine the cosplay/slapstick with the old clips and commentary, you’d have a winning formula. You know your stuff on cinema, and I think your fans (like myself) enjoy the lengthier discussion format.

  22. Only really good part of it is that they bring fifth Joker..

  23. so let me get this right, the reviewer who criticizes Hollywood for its pointless and terrible reboots, has gone and pointlessly and terribly rebooted his show?

    die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain.

  24. Well, that was awfully fast.

    Interesting style for a review series… though I don’t think that many people will get much context out of them as they do with your clip reviews.

  25. The movie sucks real bad. But the part about her heart wasn’t a plothole. She got her heart back before her brother died. So his death shouldn’t have affected her.

  26. I have to be honest. I strongly dislike this new style. I’ve been a fan of yours for years, but this is just too much. I skip Nostalgia Critics Clip-less reviews, and I’ll likely do the same here. I’d like it much more if these little skits were in proper reviews like you’ve done for years. I really ope this new style works for you, but sadly, it looks like you just lost a weekly fan of yours

  27. Please tell me you’re watching the new season of Samurai Jack! Please tell me you are! When it’s done, you now officially have NO MORE EXCUSES for not doing an Honest Review of the show!! I fully expect to see one in the next few months!

  28. So this is what your reviews are going to be like from now on? That’s disappointing. I was hoping the last one was a one-off because you’d already done one of your usual videos to that movie. But here we are, with another skit instead of a full review. Oh well.

  29. HermioneHotpants

    Holy crap! What happened to Erod’s reviews? They turned into horrible pieces of unfunny shit. They used to be very funny and rather informative but this new… “style”… sucks donkeyballs.

  30. Erod you’re starting to suck and really disappoint you loyal fans with this show of just short sketches if that’s the case, no one cares about this new, unfunny and even uninsightful acting show you got. You suck so go to the past glory days or leave this site.

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