Suicide Squad Rewrite

Justin pitches his idea for a better Suicide Squad.

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  1. BakedBeanBoy02

    Personally, I think that the most integral part of a Suicide Squad story is the villain. They shouldn’t be too small and weak but they shouldn’t be too powerful. That’s where the actual movie fell apart for me. Enchantress was just too over powered for people like Harley Quinn or Deadshot. What were Superman and Batman or Wonder Woman doing?

  2. So it’s been roughly 10 months and still we’re doing this Gah!

  3. My thought either black Adams country or there is a country that HATES superheroes in DC’s universe.

  4. I feel like you and BakedBeanBoy02 touch on an important part of what the movie messed up: the Suicide Squad is not for “threats no one else can handle”, they’re for “threats we can’t openly move against or talk about”. Sure, they save the world from time to time, but their point is to be plausibly deniable assets.

    Overall, I think yours would be stronger, but it’s not quite what I envision.

  5. This premise is not totally different from the post Crisis on Infinite Earths comic reboot of Suicide Squad. It’s kind of what I hoped they would do, but didn’t.

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