Suicide Squad vlog (w/ Lady Jess) – Rap Critic

For all those who are *still* not sure about whether or not to see Suicide Squad…

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  1. Im not sure but I think I heard that Strange’s magic will be the sufficiently advanced science kind.

  2. It was better than Batman v. Superman and I thought it was pretty good. Then again, I don’t watch Arrow. Only Flash. The action was pretty good. The actors did well. I was surprised with your reaction to Harley. Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot were the best! They had a fan service scene for both of them, too. Sex sells, I guess. However, I didn’t like the villain that much and they crammed a bunch of back stories in like half an hour and some things were under explained. Also, the Harley -Joker relationship wasn’t that abusive and was kinda romantic in a disturbing way. I liked this cutesy version. I actually liked Harley’s voice. It was almost like the original Harley Quinn voice but without the Brooklyn, if that makes any sense. LOL. Oh, and I loved the 3D and the soundtrack. I don’t regret seeing it but I don’t want to see it again. One time was enough. One last thing: I thought this Joker was okay. No more, no less. A 6.5/10

  3. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    all the mention of “friends” in the mid-credits scene leaves me imagining super friends instead of JLA.

  4. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    Suicide squad II: Super boy VS Bizzaro

  5. I do wish she would stop interrupting him and let him talk.

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