Summer Comics Preview – Awesome Comics

Walter, Aiyanna and Bryan discuss this summers comics, DC Rebirth, and All-New All-Different Marvel while Heather checks out Graham Crackers Comics for Free Comic Book Day.

Sorry for the audio issues in this one. Will be fixed by the next episode.

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Yeah, I may get back into comics, especially since I just got a job. Squirrel Girl in particular appeals to me. Also, I didn’t notice any audio issues. Oh, and I’m so excited for next week’s episode. <3

I love Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, I cosplayed as her at the last comiccon I went to. I have been meaning to check out Spidergwen so this sounds like a good time. I’ve picked up some DC stuff in the past, but mostly Marvel & Image fan. Where I thought rebirth might be opportunity to try out some stuff, if most stuff is twice monthly I really can’t commit the money to that. I would be interested in seeing more episodes like this, but I also enjoy you talking about films/tv shows, think its good to have it varied not just… Read more »