Summerween 2016 – Unrepentant Geeking

In this belated Summerween celebration, Shaun reviews Gravity Falls tie-ins & merchandise – including Journal 3 & The Curse of the Time Pirates’ Treasure.

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  1. Have you tried looking at Journal 3 under a blacklight? I’ve heard it reveals tons of nothing.

  2. I’ve never seen Gravity Falls so I don’t have much to say. Although, you’re back sooner than I thought you’d be. ^.^ One last thing: I still use physical copies for the most part.

  3. As a toysrus employee I have seen all of this merch come and go in my store, I think we still have one or 2 of those minifigure packs left over in fact, though the larger articulated figures sold out quite a while ago. Though my store never had the plush toys, I only ever saw those on convention dealers room floors.

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