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Ryan reviews Super Castlevania 4 (IV) for the SNES. With enhanced graphics, music, and especially horror, how does the Super Nintendo version of Castlevania fare from the jump from NES to SNES? Can Simon Belmont vanquish the hordes of Dracula in 16-bit this time?

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  1. Yeah, amazing game. Incredible atmosphere and music for an early snes title. I first played this in college circa 2003 on my crusty old snes. Between this, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night, I think it’s a three way tie for my personal fave of the series. What really surprises me is they never brought back the directional whipping mechanic after this game, it elevated the clunky gameplay from the nes titles to a whole new level.

    Fun fact, you can see a dead Slogra in the background during the post credits scene in Castelvania Lords of Shadow. A game which marked a major departure from the series roots but I still nonetheless enjoy.

  2. I was one of the people who never really “got” the early Castlevanias until this one. On the NES and Gameboy, the Belmonts just weren’t fun to control and the challenge felt uneven. Like if you lost the right subweapon, retrying could turn into an impossible slog. CV4 didn’t just ease up on the difficulty but made things a lot less cheap, so you’d eagerly jump at rematches for a change. Especially because it meant hearing more of the great tunes.

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