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GW is Proud to present Console to Screen, a retrospective review series that explores the unique and bizarre relationship between Video Games and Film. Watch as we dissect the absurdity as it unfolds, while filmmakers struggle to attempt to adapt stories from an interactive medium to the world of cinema. And it all starts here with the first live action feature film adaptation of a video game. The Super Mario Bros. Film.

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  1. This review had me rooting for Koopa. Until now I hadn’t realized that the Mushrooms King’s rule was when everything had fallen apart and Koopa was just trying to rebuild with what was left.

  2. XD Better review than NC’s. That reminds me to finish up the Easter Egg Video for this movie. Love it still. The crew tried their best to make the movie, I only blame the directors and writers. It was very close to being fantasy but the writers were booted off.

  3. I liked that you actually talked about the good stuff in it, too, and didn’t just write it off.

    I honestly kinda like it, even if it’s not what I would expect in a Mario Bros movie.

  4. While it’s been done many times before, I thought this was a pretty good analysis of this turkey, and the humor didn’t overstay it’s welcome. A really solid first effort!

    Okay, well as someone who saw this in the theaters as a teen when it was first released, we all hated it immediately. This is one of the most bizarre adaptations, and not even the cast full of great character actors could save it even a little.

  5. Oddworld Inhabitant

    As much as I hate to defend this film, their last name being Mario is, in my opinion, an interesting way to explain why it’s the “Mario brothers” without making Mario a relentless narcissist. I actually kinda like it.

  6. Why video game adaptations fail? For this same reason why most of comic book adaptations did fail.. until the Blade. Movie makers simply didn’t know how to make them, either being cheap exploitation creators who try sell crap based on known franchise like Uwe Boll, or old grumps who were ordered to make movie for kids about something they totally didn’t understand so make kid-flick what barely resemble the original (90’ties movies).

    But to be clear, there are decent video-game adaptations: Mortal Kombat (outside that it was PG), Silent Hill movies (first even being close to legit good movie), two first Resident Evil movies (franchise went total shit later), Postal (yup, Uwe Boll.. but original was also Bakshi Insane and he in fact keep mood of it quite well) or Warcraft movie (despite critic confusion everyone else like it.. my only complain was that it was about one of most obscure parts of franchise history, if they make the second they definitely need Arthas and Thrall arc).

    Whole trick is like with the comic.. you need to be close to spirit of the original, but in this same time avoid traps of the genre. Many video-games have great mood and twists, but lack real story as you have gameplay for that.. so you either need build around it (instead replacing it) or search games what are better adaptation material with more plot.. I wounder why no one yet make a Heavy Rain movie?

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