Super Saiyan 3 Is Dumb?! – A Dragonball Discussion

Super Saiyan 3 is powerful, but is it a useless technique? I go into the details of this transformation to see if it’s been any use in Dragonball Super, Dragonball Z…or ever!

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  1. The Super Saiyan 3 form is not stupid, it’s just that Goku was always sandbagging & goofing off everytime he used it!!!!

    Goku admitted he could have defeated Fat Buu himself but held back on purpose. So SSJ3 in the hands of Vegeta or Gohan, would have hugely advantageous and, they could have saved the day and defeated Fat Buu when he first showed up. Nobody would be talking smack about the SSJ3 form then.

    Sure SSJ3 drains energy fast but, if a character is fighting seriously, they could end the fight quickly against many big-bads before the energy drain could become a big issue.

    Remember the Fusion Reborn movie where SSJ3 Goku quickly crushed the original form of Janemba? That’s what he could have done to Fat Buu if he was taking the fight seriously.

    In the end, SSJ3 is a very useful form to have.

    • That just makes it a niche form, though. SSJ3 is only useful if the power boost from using it makes you so much stronger than the opponent that you can wipe the floor with them in a few minutes. If it just gives you a slight advantage, the energy drain isn’t worth the increased power because it cripples your fighting ability after use. So it’s only really useful against an opponent whose power level is something like 2-4 times yours, but not much higher (in which case SSJ3’s drawbacks will outweigh its benefits) or lower (in which case you don’t need SSJ3 to beat them). You’re better off finding a good fusion dance partner or pursuing one of the branch evolutions, both of which are options that offer much more flexibility.

      • Goku used SSJ3 against Beerus without knowing his power level. He just knew that he must be insanely strong and he had to fight him at his strongest. I think that proves that SSJ3 is all in all superior to the other forms. Toriyama deliberatly used Goku’s best transformation to show how OP Beerus is. It just backfired because SSJ3 is jobbing all the time.

        The problem is that he has little experience using it in the real world which is why it uses to much enegrie. It’s the same with the collateral damage MasakoX brought up, when he transformes. That happend with all tranformations when they where used the first time, and where minimized when the user got more accustomed to the transformation.
        I’m sure he could reduce the waste of energie, if he used it more often in the real world,
        But for some reason Toriyama hates this form and never uses it.
        And Vegeta just laughted when Trunks brought it up because he already hat SSJBlue and wanted to show of, that doesn’t mean the Form is useless if you can’t use SSJBlue.

        I’d love to see a SSJ3Blue thou, that would be awesome.

  2. I personally like the form, although I dislike SSJ4 from GT with a passion.

  3. Yeah! You’re wrong! *Watches the video.* Huh, you actually have good arguments there!

    P.S.: I posted this before watching the whole video; commentception? :O

  4. It’s a form that forces fights to be short and flashy without bringing in really stupid colors. I would call that the best possible anything in DBZ.

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