Super Saiyan Blue: What is it? – The Saiyan Blue Line

Super Saiyan Blue may be here to stay – but what IS it? Where does it place in the world of Dragonball Super? So listen up; here’s the story! About some fighting guys who fight with some blue dos…

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  1. Okay, so SSB IS stronger than SSG, got it, thanks. I actually haven’t been entirely clear on that, I recall reading part of an interview with Toriyama awhile back in which he states that SSG is stronger, So either that article was fake, or he just changed his mind, which is entirely possible.

    Anyway, SSB3 would be badass. I could see Goku using that as a viable alternative to the kaioken, which as we’ve seen had serious side effects. Man, I love that dragon ball is still around, good times.

  2. SSB has grown on me, although I don’t think the color blue is as impactful as gold.

    I’m slowly catching up on DB Super and REALLY want to know the story of SSJ Pink.

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