Super Saiyan Genetics: Solved? – A Dragonball Discussion

The last couple of episodes of Dragon Ball Super have left people confused about Super Saiyan. How can Kale and Caulifla do it so easily? Actually, how could Goten and Trunks do it so easily too?! Well, thanks to some biology, we might be able to figure out why on both counts!

Big thanks to my partner Filly for her scientific assistance!


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  1. You can make sense of Goten and Trunks becoming Super Saiyans easily with the genetics theory. It makes total sense that Goten and Trunks could achieve Super Saiyan as kids due to their parents being Super Saiyans when they were conceived compared to Gohan and Future Trunks who had to go through crazy training and an emotional breakdown. The main difference between these 2 sets is that their parents werent Super Saiyans when they were conceived.

    But the Universe 6 Saiyans dont make any sense. Its just lazy. They NEED to be Super Saiyans to have any sort of chance in the tournament, so they rushed it and it shows. They couldve made a decent mini arc out of it. Maybe Reno is killed after Caulifla refuses to fight, and Cabba goes to try and help but gets blindsided and taken out of the fight so she goes Super Saiyan. Kale maybe could transform for the first time in the actual tournament after seeing Cabba and Caulifla get beaten into the ground by someone far stronger. But no. Instead we get “tingles”.

  2. Yup, it’s genetics alright. The “Lazy Writing” Gene. :/

  3. handsomefatman

    Dragon Ball has established, from way back when Goku was still a kid, that when someone sets a precedent, others are able to catch up right quick. This happens not just with Saiyans, but with everyone. Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu conquered Korin’s Tower and Snake Way faster than Goku, because he paved the way.

    So yes, the Universe 6 Super Saiyans being quick studies is totally fine, and in line with how Dragon Ball has always been. Same with Future Trunks in the last arc catching up to Super Saiyan Blue with his new Rage form.

  4. I LOVE this show

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