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Before we can settle it in Smash, we’ll have to settle it in the polls. Who do you want to see if the next batch of DLC?

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  1. If the Ryu data from the latest update is true, then I’d vote for Ken or Akuma since I would have voted for Ryu back before the info was leaked.

  2. Oh this fan poll is a cool idea from Nintendo. I’ll take

    – King K Rool (Donkey Kong)
    – Pokemon Trainer with each costume change being a different region’s 3 starters
    possible ex. Kanto – bulbasaur, charmeleon and blastoise
    Johto – totodile, bayleef and typhlosion
    Hoenn – torchic, marshtomp and sceptile
    – Waluigi
    – Poo (Earthbound)
    – Ray MkII (custom robo)

  3. Moviemantweeter1999

    Its cool that there taking suggestions but in the end your right there probably not gonna do it. But let’s hope they do reach out to the fans and put the characters we want in the game.
    Anyways my top 5 is
    5.Shovel knight(I think it would be cool to see that 8-bit character in a big universe such as smash bros.)
    4.Freeza(there probably not gonna do it since there not doing goku so I won’t get my hopes too high)
    3.Wreck It-Ralph(Disney said they’d maybe have a part for Mario in Wreck it-Ralph 2 so we’ll have to see if that happens but if it does then maybe they can strike up a deal to put wreck it Ralph in there).
    2.Elsa from Frozen(maybe they could put her in there so it could get a little more FROZEN!!!!)
    1.Delibird(you convinced me neige they should put delibird in there#delibird4smash).

  4. 1) Ridley -I don’t care if it’s not likely, now’s the perfect time to do it. He’ll take a lot of work, but they don’t have a whole game to make right now, just the DLC
    2) King K. Rool -Woefully ignored villain from an underrepresented franchise, plus maybe this could lead to him being in DK games again. No, Rare does not own the character.
    3) Toad -Why no one suggests Toad baffles me. He’s a core Mario character, playable in several main games as well as virtually all spin-offs. Bring back Mushroom Kingdom II to showcase having the SMB2 gang back together and plus we could finally do an 8-player battle on Mario Circuit using all the characters from Mario Kart 64.
    4) Jill from Drill Dozer -An underrated game due for a revival, Jill’s got personality and a unique weapon.
    5) Impa -Of the two remaining frequent Zelda characters, she’s far more dignified than Tingle and has a wide range of possible moves
    Runners-Up) Simon Belmont for a new Konami rep, Banjo and Kazooie because I love them, and Phoenix Wright because it’d be hilarious.

    • While Ridley would be a cool addition, I think the reason he has not been added yet is because he is so much bigger than all the other fighters and would have an unfair advantage.

      • He can be scaled down to not be too excessively big. There are people who have modified Project M to add him and he seems to work decently. I’d imagine with enough time the pros could make him fit perfectly. Plus the game has always favored small and quick fighters. The only advantage I saw from the modded Ridley’s size was good reach, otherwise he gets balanced out by being a big, slowish target.

  5. I want:
    1. Dixie Kong
    2. Banjo Kazooie
    3. Phoenix Wright
    4. Inkling
    5. Shantae
    Let’s go with that for now since lists do tend to change.
    … Some suggestions seriously won’t work, since copyright and stuff (as most of us should know by now). I’m okay with the current amount pokémon atm in sm4sh, unless a certain pokémon shows up in the back of my head one day.
    Nevertheless, it’s a current hype. It’ll be… interesting to see what happens when they announce those eventually chosen fighters. Bet there’ll be more angry fans than happy fans…

  6. I don’t understand this whole Amiibo thing. I’m a Nintendo fan, and somehow, the whole thing has gone totally over my head. It passed me by!

    Anyway, in this thing you’re talking about, my vote goes to WaLuigi. He’s so pointless that it’s hilarious! Same goes for Daisy.

    After that, I say…um….Bonk, anyone from the Tenchu series, and Izuna, the Unemployed Ninja.

  7. Loki The Flame Shield

    Demille from Tomato Adventure and Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers. Dark horses, but still hoping for them.

  8. 1. Geno (Super Mario RPG)
    2. King K. Rool
    3. Viewtiful Joe
    4. Banjo-Kazooie
    5. Dixie Kong

  9. My Five Pick:

    5 – Banjo Kazooie, Use the same moveset as Duck Hunt
    4 – Simon Belmontm utilize the same moveset as Zero Suit Samus with a bit of link tossed in
    3 – Dr. Wily, Use Bowser Jr. moveset and reskin the clown car as his skull cruiser
    2 – Mecha Dragon (from Mega Man 2) Charizard moveset with a reskin.
    1 – King Hippo; Oddly he’s the least offensive of the Punch Out fighters.

    I’d also be ok if they combined Marth and Martha (Lucina) to make room for other fighters.

  10. I already cast my vote for Krystal from Star Fox, so my next 4 choices would be Earthworm Jim, at least one other Sonic character (Metal Sonic, Amy, Knuckles or Tails, I’d be happy with any one of those,) Simon Belmont from Castlevania so we can have the whole cast of Captain N, and Vaati. Also if we could get some re-skins I’d like to see Classic and Boom Sonic available as Sonic’s alts, some other versions of Megaman such as X, .exe, and Star Force, and maybe a proper Daisy instead of just recoloring Peach into her colors. I mean, if all of the Koopalings can be one character, Olimar can be Alph, and 3 other characters can change their GENDER we can get a proper Daisy stuck in Peach’s slot right?

  11. Captain N- The Game Master, use this as an excuse to relaunch the cartoon and call it “Captain N- The Smash Brother”

    Knuckles- From the Sonic Universe (Have him function compared to Sonic in the way Wolf is a companion to Star Fox)

    Spyro- who would be completely in tone with the universe

    Viewtiful Joe- Who is a silly character

    Doctor Mario- Bring him back, and feel free to do doctor variants to other characters

  12. My top 5:
    5. Banjo Kazooie- The Banjo Kazooie games were some of the best on the N64 and designing a smash move set wouldn’t be too challenging.
    4. King K. Rool- I know some would rather see Dixie Kong from the DK franchise, but I’d rather see another villain.
    3. Isaac (Golden Sun)- Nothing special here, I just like to a new franchise represented and he has a decent chance.
    2. Krystal (Star Fox)- Not only getting another female character for gender balancing, but it would be cool to get a Star Fox character in Smash who doesn’t play like the others.
    1. Simon Belmont- The Castlevania series used to be a fantastiv seller back in the NES/SNES days and the series could use a push. Zero-suit Samus showed that a whip can work in smash, but Simon would still play a lot different from her and any other character in Smash ex. you could have his B or down B change his whip between his reg. whip, chain whip, and long chain whip changing his speed or power based on which whip is selected and his side B could also be a different throwing item based on what whip he has). PLus as a few have mentioned, getting Simon in would complete the Captain N hero line-up (minus the made-up characters specifically for the show).

  13. Hmmm, this is honestly a bit tricky for me, but I’ll give it a shot.

    1: Shantae – As some pointed out it’s for gender balance, but then again she was one of the last GameBoy games and has made her life in the DSiWare and eShop games, and it’ll be nice for her to be a representative for WayForward. That and her moves, while mostly consist of whipping her hair for her standard attacks, fit the goofy vibe of things
    2: Isaac from Golden Sun – … OK, you convinced me on this, plus he was an Assist Trophy much like Little Mac was back in Brawl.
    3: Banjo-Kazooie – Since it was said that they were originally planned to be added way back in the original game and Microsoft seems to be not doing anything with them, they can have a chance. I know there’s the basis in the form of the Duck Hunt trio, but Banjo and Kazooie have their own attacks different from them so they aren’t exactly clones.
    4: Professor Layton – It seems a little strange having the main lead for a puzzle game to be in a fighting game, but considering that the good professor can hold his own in a fight as long as you give him a rapier to use. Plus it’ll be kinda amusing that his Final Smash is basically one giant puzzle and it ends with him pointing to knock people out.
    5: Phoenix Wright – Pretty much like others have stated, mostly coming from him in Marvel vs Capcom 3 but his moves will probably have to be reconfigured to fit the control scheme for the game. Plus it’ll be nice for him to give one good “OBJECTION!” shout as a Final Smash… if they can get it to work.

    • As a sidenote, have you also noticed that Samus is the only “main” female lead of the entire Smash list. The rest are just secondary characters to the main characters of those franchises… (and I’m not counting Wii Trainer, as she clearly hasn’t a character to speak of)

  14. Knuckles
    Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo & Kazooie)
    Bass (Mega Man)

  15. I’d like to see Crono from Chrono Trigger. Be a good balance of Link x Marth x Robin.

  16. 1. Isaac from Golden Sun
    2. Banjo & Kazooie (Unlikely b/c Microsoft owns Rare now, but we can hope)
    3. Wreck-It-Ralph (Would be cool to see the Disney-Videogame crossover go both ways)
    4. Simon Belmont
    5. Bayonetta

  17. 1.Waluigi
    4.Captain Toad

  18. 1: Dust

    2: Sash Lilac

    3: Shadow the Hedgehog

    4: Zits

    5: Earthworm Jim

  19. Hey I don’t care if these will make it, I just want to throw in obscure characters:

    1. The great mighty Poo
    2. Navi
    3. Peregrin Took (from SNES Lord of the Rings)
    4. Plok
    5. Buck Bumble
    6. Very Gnawty
    7. Unagi the Eel
    8. Purple Tentacle (Maniac Mansion)
    9. Turrican
    10. Game Boy from Captain N

  20. 1. King K. Rool (happy Others think so too)

    2. Pokemon Trainer, Kanto – cyndaquil, Bayleef, feraligatr, (Like Robin, PKMN Trainer was a very unique Fighter. That’s what new fighters should be while providing the fan service. I chose these three because it’s a step up from the original 3 and also simply because Charizard is already in use. I would love to see Blastoise overall but I doubt that would happen with any of Charizards pre-evolutions being on the roster.

    3. Simon Belmont (Would make for an excellent mid range/ long range character. Whips, axes and throwing crosses this would be awesome.

    4. Banjo-Kazooie (He needs a comeback, also very unique moveset could be achieved)

    5. Snake. (Make the trio Complete!!!)

  21. 5. Issac (Golden Sun) Should be easy enough with him being an Assist Trophy in Brawl.
    4. Steve? (Minecraft) Unlikely I know, but how awesome would that be?
    3. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) You know Yacht Club with have no issue with this.
    2. Ninten (Mother/EarthBound Zero) Make the trilogy’s protagonists complete.
    1. Crono (Chrono Trigger) I’ve pretty much already figures out what all his moves should be in my head, and if we can’t have Goku, why not a much more appropriate Toriyama creation?

  22. Sceptile, Banjo-Kazooie, Geno, Toad, and as an out there unrealistic option Abraham Lincoln from Code Name: Steam.

    Because he is a steampunk Abraham Lincoln. Your argument is invalid. Also having a U.S. President being voted in just feels right to me.

  23. maybe Talion from Shadow of Mordor.

  24. The minun+plusle would have been nice to see in this game, but they probably wouldn’t do so for the same reason ice climbers weren’t added.
    After that would be maybe some more sonic characters (tails and knuckles, MAYBE shadow?), and travis from no more heroes would be awesome.

    However, the one I voted for was Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You. He has a VERY large moveset in the game (even has a move that could be considered a final smash), and it would show more love to a great DS game. Kingdom Hearts: DDD gave him a 3D model that smash could work with, and it would be interesting to see how fighting as him would transition from a touchscreen to controller inputs

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