Supergirl – Hilariocity Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Supergirl (1984) in Hilariocity form!

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  1. Well, Superman can rebuilt the Great Wall with his heat vision, so eh.

    I actually kept thinking Zoltar was drinking Squirt soda. …That or that was the only part of the entire film that remained in my memory and, years later, I saw that there was a soda named Squirt. And I think the only reason it remained in my memory was because that was the last line I heard before I gave up and turned it off.

    My only guess is they figured no one was still watching the movie by the time they got to the Stretch Armstrong sequence so they figured they could just show anything. But yes, like you said, that doesn’t explain WHY any filmmaker with half a brain would. Did it somehow get put in someone’s contract as a joke?

  2. Supergirl is a guilty pleasure of mine.,,.

  3. Supergirl could actually be worse than Superman IV and that says something about how bad it is.

  4. Um… it was really nice for the makers of the movie to put a A&W shirt on one of the rapists… Yes, that is the first thing I’m commenting on out of all the stupid things I saw from this movie just now. Also, I’ve never seen the movie but wasn’t there an ending scene that shows the city lighting up again?

  5. “So Supergirl saves the day I guess? I dunno, she did something and people didn’t die.” That was a fantastic delivery. 😛

    Funny coincidence, while I was watching this, my character in World of Warcraft was riding a ‘thundering onyx cloud serpent’. That’s pretty much a storm dragon. 😛

    1984 Huh? I’m finding more and more really really good and, sadly, really really bad things that come from the year I was born.

  6. My sister and I saw this in the mid-to-late 90s when we were something like 12 and 10; we watched a whole bunch of stupid shit on Sunday afternoons, but after this, we both walked over to our mom and told her that the movie we’d just seen sucked balls.

  7. I’m guessing the “storm dragon” thing was kind of this movie’s equivalent of “Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman!” Only these people are from another planet where they don’t have birds or planes, so they think “Is it a storm dragon? No, it’s Supergirl!” For all the sense that makes.

  8. I know the film was made, as a possible torture device?

  9. I just saw the Supergirl episode for this week. They’re actually introducing the dopey energy sphere thingie into their continuity. Pass the squirt….

  10. Supposedly Peter O’Toole was contractually obligated for a certain number of movies. When he got roped into this one, rumour has it he was drunk on set the entire time. So perhaps that explains his insistence on “Having a squirt”.

  11. A sidebar note: Reeve worked with Szwarc on the romantic fantasy “Somewhere In Time”, which I thought was pretty good.

  12. This movie was atrocious; But Helen Slater was pretty good and an artsy Supergirl film might have been good so not a compleate waste. Just a majority waste.

    SO many great moments in this review 🙂

  13. From what I saw, she didn’t land in the water. She just comes out of it. Almost like she used it as a portal or something.

  14. From what I heard, this was actually 3 scripts cobbled together into one incoherent mess. I think they were the mcguffin plot, the schoolgirl plot, and the witch plot, though I don’t remember for sure.

  15. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    Thank Rao that Supergirl finally got a good live-action incarnation in her TV show.

    (Seriously, that show is awesome.)

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