Superman 64 – Retro Rewind

Chris Stuckmann attempts to play one of the worst games ever made, Superman 64.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Can’t wait to see you suffer though the mess that is superman 64….. Mewhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes…. YESSSSSSS!!!!

    • Well Chris, you made it further in this game than any person in existence. I played this game while I was in college and couldn’t even beat the first level. I can’t believe almost EVERY OTHER LEVEL is a damn ring course. Couldn’t the developers like NOT make any ring levels at all? If I was part of the testing team of this game, I’d say FUCK THOSE RING LEVELS.

      Sorry your poor wife also suffered through this game in her youth. At least you 2 were able to make fun of the experience together.

      Lex Wins.

  3. Which is worse, this or that Aquaman game?

    • There was a Aqua Man game that was like this?

      Good Lord! :O

      • Would it be like the underwater level in this game, but a full game?

        Oh, the horror!

        • Yeah, some one thought that it was good idea to make Aquaman game that’s just like Superman 64. Least this one had name of popular superhero to help sell it to unsuspecting gamers or they parents while that Aquaman game didn’t even have that to sucker in people to buy it.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Maybe they should have gone with the bearded, mulleted Aquaman that had a giant hook for a hand. That guy chopped his own hand off with a belt buckle to save his son’s life.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    Seriously, Who in the WORLD thought that flying through green rings could be at all fun?

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my AR training in Arkham City.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Can’t wait for you to review with the flickpick I love his channel and can’t wait for the review on superman 4 the quest for peace even though your doing it a few days after the cinema snob is.

    Anyways it was interesting to see howany levels there are besides the cars and the rings one and looks like you couldn’t make it :/

  6. ShadowsTwilight

    “Lex Wins?” I thought every gamer’s two least favorite words were “Escort Misson”

  7. Yonagonaf believes that Chris Stuckmann is under age forty.

    If numbers are important for Chris Stuckmann Yonagonaf’s first computer was a Commodore 64.

    Things that are “Retro” are of course different for people especially depending on how old a person is.

    I am forty-six years old which means anything Nintendo is not retro.

    If Chris Stuckmann was reviewing a Commodore 64 game that would be retro for Yonagonaf.

    The Commodore 64 was discontinued in 1994.

    Both Chris Stuckmann and Doug Walker are not olde enough (Olde English spelling of “old”) to have had a person buy a Commodore 64 for them to use.

  8. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    NOt much insight in this ‘review’

  9. LOL. I’m so glad that this wasn’t a part of my childhood. I was about 3 when this came out. 😀 Your suffering will hilarious! ^.^

  10. most of what I saw in the video looked more like tutorial levels meant to show you how the powers work, flying through rings and stuff like in Star Fox 64. The only problem is that there is no losing condition in Star Fox 64’s training stage, and it’s only ONE STAGE not like 6.

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