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Walter, Aiyanna and Bryan discuss the animated Superman movie, Superman: Doomsday.

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Since I haven’t seen this movie, I’m instead going to focus on something you briefly mentioned: I think the Zordon casting for Power Rangers is great!


19:46 i disagree

the Animation in the killing joke Is looking so far…. GODDAMN Awful

i just cant understand why we cant have more motion comics like the Watchmen one ……

Personally, I thought this was a reasonably solid mid-tier release among DC’s animated movies. Far and away the best they’ve done were Mask of the Phantasm, Wonder Woman, and Gods and Monsters, all for basically the same reason: namely, that they had the ingenuity and the balls to be their own stories, and they told those stories well. The same could be said of Green Lantern: First Flight, but it was distractingly bloody, and I don’t think it did enough to showcase the rest of the Corps besides Hal. By far the worst in this stable are, of course, the… Read more »
Future ideas (meant to post last week): Vs. Ideas: -best Robin -best Spider- character other than 616-Spider-Man -best super pet -best villain in the movies -Alan Moore vs. Neil Gaiman -X-Men vs. Titans -Runaways vs. Young Justice -Deadpool vs. Deathstroke -SHIELD vs. Cadmus -Steve Trevor vs. Lois Lane -DC vs. Marvel (as companies) -DC vs. Marvel (on women) -DC vs. Marvel (on LGBTQ+) -DC vs. Marvel (on ethnic minorities) -DC vs. Marvel (on reboots) -DC vs. Marvel (regarding current animated shows) -She-Hulk vs. Daredevil -Power Man vs. Iron Fist -Frank Miller vs. Mark Millar -Golden Age vs. Silver Age -Catwoman… Read more »