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By Popular Demand ERod talks about the most notorious Superman Movie, that was NEVER made.

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  1. I love the story behind Superman Lives, its just a fascinating mess of executive complications and meddling that it’s more entertaining than the movie they were trying to make.
    Also how can we forget the infamous giant spider, that managed to crawl its way to another movie. Speaking of that did anyone notice that Zod’s spaceship in Man of Steel looks like an upside down spider? Well, guess who was involved in that production?

  2. And then JRR Tolkien wrote The Two Towers, and guess what happened at the end of that: A GIANT SPIDER!

  3. I could have sworn you did this before for some reason. Also, no flying?! That really blew my mind. I wonder if a reason was ever given…

  4. This was a nice change of pace for your videos, I think. I quite liked hearing your take on the project and why it both was and was not a shame this didn’t happen. Personally, I wish this had happened instead of Superman Returns and Man of Steel, especially the latter since I feel it actively damages the legacy of Superman as a character.

    I don’t agree with you, however, on the 1989 Batman or the 2002 Spider-Man containing all the great things that define those characters. Batman 1989 dropped the ball when it came to one of Batman’s defining traits in the comics, the fact he’s strictly against killing (most examples people come up with where he does are from elseworlds and alternate timelines, and the rest are from very, very early comics before they fully fleshed him out as a character and he was still a rip-off of The Shadow, please don’t try to give me examples where he does kill since I’ve heard it all before).

    As for Spider-Man, I feel they made a massive mistake by not having him invent the web shooters, and they didn’t really demonstrate his keen scientific mind. Oh sure, they talk all the time how he does well in school, and they have speeches about how smart he is, but really he comes across like a clueless idiot a lot of the time who happens to grasp certain scientific principles, not the scientific marvel (heh) he’s supposed to be. Granted, they get a lot of other things right, like J Jonah and Aunt May, but then there’s Mary-Jane Watson being a wuss with almost no real personality, rather than the firecracker in the books who covered a sad past with a party-girl persona. That, and I’ve felt for a long time that it should’ve been Gwen in the first movie, not Mary-Jane, and that they keep the death as it was in the book.
    So while I do enjoy the first two Rami movies, I don’t quite think that that version of the character quite encapsulates Spidey’s world as much as you’ve suggested it does.

  5. Like most everyone else, I thought the idea of Nick Cage as Superman was completely laughable, in no small part thanks to those embarrassing early test photos of him in the suit that were floating around the internet. Then I saw the documentary (The Death of Superman Lives) and I actually found myself wanting to see what the film could’ve been, they had some pretty cool ideas in there. All I know is it would’ve been amazing to work as a concept artist on that production, they literally just told them to draw a bunch of monsters.

  6. Superman Lives as a direct to video DC Animated Feature would be appreciated.

  7. The definitive version of Superman was portrayed by Dean Cain.

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