Superman The Animated Series – Honest Review

DC-Cember continues with Superman The Animated Series, the Best TV Series to ever Chronicle The Adventures on The Man of Steel.

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  1. Clancy Brown is one of my all time favorite american VAs and this series is reason for that.

    • I always liked the DCAU voice of Lex Luthor, but I never realized it was Clancy Brown. He is one of the great character actors of the last two decades…loved him in Carnivale as Brother Justin, and so many other things it just now dawns on me he did voice over work for.

      He is so good at playing villains.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool video though at the end of each of these vids I’d appreciate that if your wondering where my honest reviews where all for the dc animated movies of this past year where message to nt be in the next two videos or if it is I won’t stay after the credits. Anyways good review and I’d think that you would do static shock next since it was third on your opening of superhero shows and that it would have took me a week to watch it but I guess your doing the cartoons in order and I really appreciate it that your letting me have two weeks(thanks) 😉

  3. Strong as a locomotive. Pretentious as those narrations.

  4. Superman is one of those characters I have more respect for than love. I love the idealism behind him, the hope and “we can do better” message. And, without him, it’s a fair bet that we wouldn’t have superheroes today. At least not in the way that we know them.

    (I’d argue we’ve had superheroes, or “demigods” for as long as their been stories. People who are just a bit more exceptional. From obvious examples like Heracles to more subdued versions like Sherlock Holmes (yes, he’s a demigod because his intellect and skills of deduction puts him “above” human)).

    So respect for the Blue Boy Scout, respect for this Honest Review.

    • Actually without The Shadow we wouldn’t have the heroes that we have today, The Shadows appear three years before Superman, in 1930.

    • The problem that are two types of Superman fans, the fans that idealize him as a symbol and not an actual character, and the ones, for example the readers of the comics, that like him how it is, Superman is a very flawed character in the comics, less morally upstanding and less idealize, Superman had committed many things that couldn’t be consider very moral, and the last version of him showed that he can be corruptible as everyone else, I like this version of Superman because he show that he isn’t very different from us, that he can be corruptible in the right circumstances.

    • [Knowing that the Man of Steel will never compromise his morals, no matter how hard it is to always do the right thing; It fills you with determination]

  5. By the music and the logo I can see that you are fan of the idealize Superman. Let me guess you ignore the part were Superman kills Zod with a smile by crushing his hand and throwing into the Abyss in Superman II?

    And hell, he even kills in this cartoon, when he was possessed by Darkseid, kill some alien insect in their planet.

    And that aside, I really like Superman TAS it was one of the first cartoons that I can remember and actually understand, never the less, after a while I began to see the problems with Superman as a character compared with Batman, I wanted so badly buy comics but in my little town there was a place were they sell them, I only could began to read Superman and other comics in my adulthood when I get internet with fact connection, and when I began to read the Superman comics I began realize that my doubt about the characters were right, in this cartoon even that portray very adult moments, they treat him more like a symbol than an actual character, no much morally upstanding, to much in his high horse.

  6. I loved this show growing up. It was more upbeat than BAT and left me happier at the ending.

    I LOVED Volcana too and wished she had a bigger role. She could have been a romantic rival for Lois and a great character in JL an d LU.I eel like they wasted her potential though sadly. There’s always hope for her to appear in a DC Original Animated Movie though 🙂

  7. I don’t like Superman; he never earned his abilities and I think their absurd nature makes him the simpletons’ hero. Also, he’s a nice guy and nobody likes a nice guy. Nobody.

    • Interesting. I figured he’d be your favorite for those exact reasons.

    • You don’t like Superman because you’re a dickhead who thinks everybody else is also a dickhead, because you’re a dickhead. Got it.

    • Hey, Hardin. I love how you’re speaking for the entirety of humanity with those last two lines. Also love how you’ve simplified everything into “I hate Mary Sues” without really, truly examining the deep, complex problems inherent to good characterization. I respect your opinion, whatever it may be, but next time you either gotta bring your game face, if you really wanna duke it out, or else you gotta learn how to troll better. 😛 🙂

      Maybe you need to have a discussion with Keyser94, because they know how to explain a POV thoroughly and they understand how other humans function.

    • I like nice guys!!! I like nice guys.

    • Batman didnt earn any of his money either. And its because he is so rich he is able to be Batman so I guess by your logic he didnt earn any of his abilities

  8. Mad props to the late Jack King Kirby as an artist, but at risk of being labeled a heretic, I hated all the Fourth World/New Gods/DNAliens crap of his shoved into the DC continuity. The only reason, to my mind, he was given carte blanche was so that DC could rub Marvel’s nose in it. It was stupid and senseless. It led to nonsense like making a clone of Don Rickles, named Goody Rickles. The blocky art style of Kirby’s rendered Superman and Jimmy Olson unrecognizable, so they brought in Murphy Anderson to completely redraw and ink their heads. Just the heads! For once during another Crisis reboot, couldn’t they shove it all in a Boom Tube and just close it up?

  9. Yeah, I grew up with the Cartoon Network Justice League show so this video was interesting since I never saw this show.

  10. If people don’t have the capability to get the money to you, they still should be able to watch the bonus videos at a later date.

  11. This is definitly one of the best interpretations of Superman. It blends lightheartedness and seriousness very well and paints Supes as a n complex character all the while keeping him likeable… *insert a million japs against Man of Steel here*

    I also really liked that it made clear that Superman choose to help people on his own and not because some tragic event made him to do so.

    Lois not recognizing Clark as Superman was, at least with this show, an editorial mandate from Warner Brothers. No one seems to know why they wanted it to be like this though.

  12. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Addressing the question of Superman not needing oxygen, life on Earth evolved in an oxygen-free environment, and to this day there are still many bacteria that thrive in the absence of oxygen. In fact, for some bacteria oxygen is actually poisonous. The only reason we need oxygen is because it increases the amount of energy we can extract from our food. Since Superman gets his energy directly from the sun, there is no special reason his body would require oxygen in order to function.

  13. It really does not help suspension of disbelief much, as it was clearly tacked on years later to bull their way past the issue, in the comics at some point, they gave him a minor, unknown to himself psychic mental ability that dulled people’s minds specifically to the Clark/Supes dynamic.

    • That really seems like a cop out answer. I’m pretty sure you’re right. It’s a retcon.

      I’m more partial to the question, why would Superman have a secret identity? It’s public knowledge where he lives. He moves faster than the speed of light and can hear in the vacuum of space. There’s very little reason to believe that he has an alter ego of any kind. We don’t see him now because he’s at home or at a crisis. He probably gets free food from anyone he asks. He doesn’t even wear a mask.

      It’s the same joke with Green Lantern in the CGI series. Why do you wear a mask? Are you expecting to see one of the handful of Earthlings who don’t know who you are on another planet?

  14. When it comes to Lois not realizing that Clark is Superman: I do agree with you, but a friend of mine had his own ‘head canon’ about that secret identity and Perry White:

    To him, Perry ALWAYS knew that Clark and Superman were the same thing (for the same reason you mention for lois, that he is the head of a paper that specializes in Investigative Reporting). However, realizing the good that Clark is doing, he chooses to not let the secret out (he applies the same logic with Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne ^_^)

  15. Yeah. Check out the comics and see how they get superman wrong on nearly every level. Comic books suck these days

  16. God can you please stop doing that horrible voice over at the beginning of your shows. You sound a like a 10 year old trying to make a scary voice speaking into a plastic cup.

  17. In the DCAU, Supergirl was Kara In-Ze, not his cousin, Kara Zor-El.

  18. “I am many things, Kal-El, but here, I am God.”

  19. There’s at least one season of Superfriends in which Darkseid is the main villain of the Justice League, and that was from back in the 80s.

    • My opinion: BTAS is awesome, but let’s face it: it wasn’t perfect. It captured the darker, more noire feel of Batman post-Burton, which would eventually culminate in The Dark Knight films. But to me, some of the episodes were kind of lame. Like the one where the guy lived in the sewer with a bunch of urchins and some alligators? Not really that good. True, there was some potential there with Batman connecting with one of the urchins, but they really didn’t flesh that out as much as they could have. But mostly, the villain was kind of stupid. On the other hand, that one episode where that one gangster finds redemption by teaming up to help his priest brother – to me, that’s one of the best episodes of an animated show I’ve ever seen.

      But Superman was a different show altogether. True, you don’t have some of the deeper darker stuff, but the writing was more consistent. It was just different to me; not better or worse, just different. A large part of that is because Superman is a different character; he’s not a tortured soul like Bruce.

  20. Up next: God meets Jesus… cough* did I say that aloud?*cough* I mean Batman Beyond.

  21. Where can I find those clips of the VA acting as there superhero characters?

  22. I remember one time Lois asked Clark how he got such a great scoop on Superman and he answered “Well to tell you the truth Lois, I’m actually Superman in disguise, and I only pretend to be a reporter because it’s the easiest way to find out about disasters as they occur so I can swoop in and save the day.” To which Lois replied “You’re a sick man Kent.” Which just goes to show people, even really smart and skeptical people like Lois, are simply more willing to accept a plausible lie than an absurd truth.

  23. Yay! You used a “none other than” for an actual big name actor! I never watched this show, so I had no idea that freaking WORF voiced a character. That’s awesome.

  24. I always thought superman had used some secret super power of telepathy to fool thoughts around him
    After all in the 70s he had a butt ton and still only put on glasses to fool people
    Perhaps there was a power that made it out of the 70s that we didn’t think about

  25. Where is he getting those clips of the voice-actors’ life performances from?

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