Supreme Kai: What Happened?! – A Dragonball Discussion

The Supreme Kai was supposed to be the bastion of the heavens for Universe 7 – what happened to him? Well, it turns out that ever since he was first introduced, his destiny was doomed from the start! Kibito Kai? A mere plot device. What else happened?



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  1. Personally, I think the best route for him to make the fact that he’s kinda inadequate and incompetent a plot point, to give him something to have an arc (ok, a filler episode or two) of development over. He was just an underling, a directional Supreme Kai rather than a proper Grand Supreme Kai, and was never trained properly for his current level of duties, powers, and responsibilities. He was obsessed for years with Babidi and Buu, and so ended up focusing on trying to follow and counter them rather than doing his actual job or learning how to do said job – an obsession that also led to him being decades behind the times on mortal power levels and capabilities.

    An episode exploring that – and the fact that he’s probably still got Buu-related issues – would not only be interesting and give HIM something to do, but would also give Fat Buu something relevant to do, since he’d have to be involved with a “help Shin get over the Buu thing and get around to actually Supreme Kai-ing” project.

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