Surprise Vomit Comet – WTFIWWY Live

This week: a man tries to steal $7 billion (but Jesus is cool with it), a pilot reminds her passengers that the only thing between them and death is one person’s emotional stability, and we learn it is in fact illegal to use a drive thru while on a sofa …

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  1. I would have loved to have the couch guys come to my drive thru. It’d would be tho only interesting thing to happen all day.

  2. “I’m not one to judge people’s choices”
    That’s okay. I am. His tats are dumb. Especially that goddamn neck bull

  3. I’m now really curious if any of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are forced to eat food that makes them constipate. I get the feeling they’re not, due to food safety rules and whatnot, but I can see SAS and Black Watch members eating such things voluntarily :/

    • MREs are generally very dense foods, and are usually partially dehydrated; some items are fully dehydrated, like fruit. My guess is that the constipation is not by design, but is an unintended consequence of the foods density and lower moisture levels.

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