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Hotel Mario Review w/The Nostalgia Critic – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan ends up having to review Hotel Mario for the Philips CD-I after the Nostalgia Critic says he's going to send him to a 5-star hotel for reviewing all of the horrible Zelda CDI games. Will Ryan be able to help Mario and Luigi stop Bowser and the Koopa Kids from taking over all of the hotels in the Mushroom Kingdom and save the Princess?

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Mega Man Zero 2 Review – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews Mega Man Zero 2 for the GBA and DS. After defeating the evil Copy X, Zero wanders alone trying to find his purpose, but is brought back to the resistance under the new leadership of Elpizo, but is Elpizo really set out to be a leader? How does the 2nd game compare to the first? Will it be like Mega Man 2 to Mega Man back on the NES?

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