Tales from Lake Deathbutt – WTFIWWY Live

This week: The Gävle Goat lives! Also: Michigan residents prepare for hand-to-hand combat against snow plows, and one inventor’s idea to defend against package thieves: explosives!

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  1. That tree. Yikes. Thank God everyone’s alright!

    -Smoking marijuana is as carcinogenic as smoking tobacco: It’s Christmas Cancer for everybody!

    -Thank goodness I live in a small town and everything goes straight to the post office. There was a picture of woman stealing packages shown in a local city’s paper: She was dressed up and had a pile of boxes in her arms like she was posing for a Christmas ad. Could you get any more brazen?

  2. No Christian can say God is a women (or man, or anything else).

    It is literally stated you are not allowed to make a image of god.
    (Probably so people cant fight over it.)

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