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Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. In this episode, Linkara looks at another comic featuring the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids!

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  1. I’m pretty sure the detective meant well to include substance abuse at least as a possible outcome of running away, since well running away from home with no parental figures to support you in general is not good at all.

    But yeah it does seem forced, and it especially has nothing to do with the situation of kidnaping in this particular story.

  2. It’s kinda sad to know that there are only a few of these Tandy Computer Whiz Kids comics left, and I’m pretty sure that this is the only type of public education the Trump Administration would approve of.

    3:38- I would so liked to have seen a TCWK/Mr. Computer crossover.

    5:30- No, the neatest way to start school is to all watch a family friendly movie, and I don’t mean crap like Oogieloves or Fun in Balloon Land.

    6:49- And the Nostalgia Critic won’t stop bitching about the Transformers movies doing “the same thing over and over.”

    8:34- …This science club still sounds better than God’s Club.

    16:13- Shanna is a weird version of Nancy Drew.

    At least the Scarface in this kid friendly comic doesn’t have a “Say hello to my little friend!” moment.

    Thank you once again, Dr. Cox.

  3. Alternate title: Why is adult Jubilee joining up with Joe Chill to kidnap children. 😉

  4. 23:45 Where are the quotes?? WHERE ARE THE QUOTES????

  5. 11:10 “Getting hooked on drugs??” Where’s Joe Friday when you need him??
    20:30 and you thought that purse-sized cell phone was ancient tech….. I remember those stupid couplers.

  6. TragicGuineaPig

    21:39 – It’s that Non-Euclidean Geometry that Mr. Lovecraft keeps talking about! The School is Actually R’LYEH!

  7. The CoCo was way before CDROMs — the “Compac” was a terminal emulator program that worked with the modem. Text only, of course.

    And that brings up… Although you could log into CompuServe at the time and browse the AP wire stories, it was text only. So she wasn’t looking for a picture of the crook. Instead, she had seen the article in the newspaper with a photo and had to look up the article to remember what sort of crook the person was. Um.

  8. I actually wish this series would never end. It’s just too hilarious.

  9. More gravitas was given to the child-napping attempt in Kindergarten Cop.

  10. It got extra creepy when I figured out they didn’t care which kid they were -napping; if it’s a specific kid, it’s probably for ransom or blackmail; if it’s for any kid, suddenly the reasons they want one got a lot worse.

    “Your kids should live in a state of fear!”
    My local government would approve.

    Batman was building to the repeated lines “Burn, Baby, Burn” and “It’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight”.

    “The Computer of Dr. Caligari”
    I’d have gone with M.C. Escher myself, but it does have that dreamlike quality.

  11. So wait… if spending all your money is /literally/ the first thing that happens after running away, how the hell do you end up with narcotics in your possession? I want names, damn it!

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