Tangled vs Frozen – Nostalgia Critic

Which side are you on? And more importantly why is this a thing? Are you a Tangled or Frozen kind of person?

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  1. What’s this vessel? Is it replacing Screenwave?

  2. Umm, how is this even a thing? I like both movies

    • yeah they both have interesting characters and amazing songs!

    • Why is there a raging debate over whether The Force Awakens is the best or worst Star Wars movie ever made? Because people have opinions.

      Even if TFA is total dreck.

    • I think a lot of people do, but the Internet culture always wants to be polarized over things. You must either praise something as a masterpiece or scorn it as cow feces with no room in between. The Hipster Effect he alluded to contributes to it because you always sound more forceful and important when you put something on a pedestal or throw it down the commode as opposed to saying: “It had it’s good points and bad points, but overall it was decent. Not the worst and not the best.”

  3. Neither.
    Hate Frozen, and don’t really care much for Tangled.
    I prefer Brave over both of these. It’s better written, with more varied and interesting character design than both combined.

    • Hey, Same here. I’ve found a lot of hate for Brave online, I don’t understand why. Frozen and Tangled are nothing spectacular, they don’t really do anything that new.

      • “They don’t really do anything that new.”

        Neither does Brave. Brave was a solid movie, but nothing spectacular. Tangled and Frozen were solid movies, but nothing spectacular. Which you prefer depends mostly on personal taste.

        Brave hd the problem that it suffered from poor marketing that promised something the moviee didn’t deliver though, which is where most of the hate stems from.

        • I think all three are stupendous triumphs of the princess movie genre?

          Ow! Ow! Ow! Okay! I’ll go!

        • There are four main reasons I put Brave way above either Frozen or Tangled:

          1: Both of those films claim to be partially about how the female leads don’t need a man to complete their lives… and yet betray that message by having a love interest crammed in. Brave, however, has no love interest, no romantic sub-plot, is pretty focussed, and the main female character actually saves the day. She’s also got genuine flaws and quirks, while the characters in Tangled don’t really, they pretend to be flawed in very forced ways, but the script provides nothing genuinely interesting about either of them.

          2: All the characters of Brave are very natural in their dialogue, and far less overly polished and plastic looking than Frozen. Their moral alignments are more mixed, and they just look more interesting.

          3: I’m not a fan of musicals. That’s a personal thing, but it’s just how I feel. I hate most of the songs in Frozen, and genuinely do not get why they are so popular with adult audiences. The big number is a rip-off, taking the chord progression from a Katie Perry song almost note-for-note, and a great deal of it is too close to the song Defying Gravity from Wicked.

          4: Frozen has many horrible implications and stupid moments that few people address. For example, the trolls are child kidnappers, who have no qualms about taking Hans from his family forever! And everyone treats this like it’s okay! Nobody questions this?! Where are his real parents? The trolls are horribly evil! That and the plot was just so damn predictable. In all honesty, I saw the prince being a secret bad guy right from when he turned up and don’t get how anyone else was fooled. And he had so little personality before then that the reveal had no impact on me. He was boring before the reveal, and was boring to me after it too. He was just another Gaston, which we’ve seen a dozen times before.

          • ” Both of those films claim to be partially about how the female leads don’t need a man to complete their lives… and yet betray that message by having a love interest crammed in.”

            It was not betrayed in Frozen. The later love interest remained just that, an interest. The act of true love came from someone who knew and loved her her whole life, her sister.

            “4: Frozen has many horrible implications and stupid moments that few people address. For example, the trolls are child kidnappers, who have no qualms about taking Hans from his family forever! And everyone treats this like it’s okay! Nobody questions this?! Where are his real parents? The trolls are horribly evil! ”

            You mean Kristoff? Hans was the royal bad guy. I think Krisoff was an orphan.

        • *Meant to say that many of the characters in Frozen don’t have real flaws, not Tangled. Elsa does I guess, but then that’s her parents’ fault for being complete idiots of the highest order. Another reason I can’t stand Frozen is the entirely forced emotional situations, and the plot happening because of idiotic decisions.

    • Really?! Brave wasn’t bad, but it is a definite low point in Pixar’s lineup. The plot was incredibly predictable (everyone I’ve talked to figured out the plot in the first 10 minutes) and the pacing is really slow. The characters are boring and the only time when they become any good is towards the end. Hell, I can’t even remember a single character’s name from the film.

    • Brave’s not that great. Frozen is the slighty better movie.

  4. Neither, they’ve both been overhyped by the “fans” that they have ruined both movies before i’ve even watched them


      Maybe learn to experience things for yourself, and also think for yourself, before making a judgement.
      You great big tool.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Frozen obviously,and I’m watching the video right now!!!!!

    • Care to elaborate why? Explain in detail why you think that, please, and don’t give me the old “because it’s more popular” excuse.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        It’s probably because I saw It in theaters and it had a big twist I didn’t see coming andi like all the characters while I don’t really like the mom characterand I’m really overexposed to It and not because its more popular then It but I’ll admit i like the songs in tangled better and the main man and comic relief.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I thought I was gonna get a comment saying you should wait to comment but glad theres not one and I’m glad you like Frozen that put a big smile across my face but cool video of you comparing the two movies. Though I’ll always have a soft spot for tangled cause the horse and Flynn Ryder are dang awesome.

      Also every time I go to a golden corral around here in Virginia they always had those balloons of this week’s featured charity while I didn’t bother to look at the name. Now I know the name while I don’t know why there promoted here since there farther away but that’s OK.

      Finally I’d like to know when the featured producer thing will come back because its been a month and a half since a producer has been featured and I’d like to know when you’ll bring it back. Thanks I’d appreciate it.

  6. Wreck-It Ralph’s better than both, but if I had to choose one it’d be Tangled. I found it much more entertaining.

  7. You make a very valid point, though I will never see either Tangled nor Frozen. It’s fun to compare movies and state your reason why you like one over the other. There is really no right or wrong answer. As long as you make a valid argument defending your side, you can’t be criticized negatively. That kind of ties to creativity and our passion. You and I like to critique nostalgic media and we defend our reasons why we like this and hate that. That’s the beauty of it. Even though I despise both Tangled and Frozen, I see the message clearly in this editorial. Very well done.

  8. Vessel or Screenwave.

    Honestly only had a few problems with Screenwave, but this Vessel doesn’t appear to buffer very well.

    Or. At all.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      That’s why I prefer vessel now ttoo and the only issue I have with it is that I can’t go full screen on this site while with screenwave I could but pbht who cares!!!!!

  9. See Final Fantasy VI vs. Final Fantasy VII

  10. Never saw any of those, and never even heard of rapunzel movie.

    I like Brave ( with the Scottish girl ).

  11. …I didn’t even realize this was a thing

  12. I think both movies are overrated.

    They were okay, but they just felt so Meh to me.

    I liked some of the characters in both and at least one song from both, the animation was great and The voice acting was spot-on, but the stories, other characters and comedy were hit and miss for me.

    Although, I don’t think either movie is the most overrated film in existence.

  13. I know of a girl who has that mind set (of marrying someone you just met, or in her case, never met). I think that’s why her boyfriend dumped her (not just because it was a long distance relationship).

  14. I’m on the “Oh, my God, who gives a fuck?” side.

  15. It used to be Whitney vs Mariah . . .

  16. Anyone else having a problem with the new player where they can’t enter fullscreen? Or is it just me? Any solutions?

  17. YESSSSSS! NEW VIDEO PLAYER! Screenwave is broken as shit.

  18. they both are amazing? And what about wreck it ralph!?!?! WTF

  19. And the wheel keeps turning, turning, turning, turning, turning…

  20. DO PITCH PERFECT V PITCH PERFECT 2! There is a split with fans on which one is better!

  21. Who told Doug this was a thing?!
    I don’t even watch these kids movies anymore, go back to talking about stuff from our childhood, please. 🙂

    • Yeah, I was asking myself the same thing. I have never in my life heard that there was a rivalry between the two. Heck they are very similar and they are from the same company. It would be like a rivalry between Star Fox and Splatoon…oh no wait, there isn’t one.

      Who the hell has Doug been talking to? He really forced this editorial.

    • Any time I see the movie Tangled mentioned online it is usually accustomed by everyone saying its better than Frozen.

    • agree so much,
      be nostalgic dammit!! it’s what we came here for in the first place!!!

  22. Wait that’s like Aliens vs Predator – whoever wins, we lose.

  23. Both movies are good, but neither as great as they’re being made out to be, especially Frozen. I’ll however give Frozen the advantage for better animation, more memorable characters and songs, and for being slightly more engaging than Tangled, and in it’s self-awareness.

  24. For me it’s an issue of a better written, modernized princess story that still falls back on traditional aspects vs not-quite-as-well-written, modernized princess story that takes more risks.

    Thus, I find I like Tangled better. I have an appfeciation for Frozen, & yes, the songs are better & it definitely provides unique themes we haven’t seen before from or themse approaced differently from previous movies. That said, I wouldn’t dismiss Tangled’s villain so easily. Many consider her a prime example of an emotional abuser, including many such victims.

  25. Also Doug, I thought you said Tangled was better in a previous review? (A lot of the points you have made in this review have been debated by my friends and I many times, we all fall into the Tangled camp but only because we think Frozen has a huge amount of flaws and lacks the charm of Tangled).

  26. If I had to put my input in, I would have to say Tangled. Don’t get me wrong, I like both movies. But Frozen was too fast-paced. There’s nothing wrong with fast-paced, I like fast-paced. But, I just felt Frozen happened so fast, that they didn’t give any time to development. I mean yeah, we see Anna and Kristoff fall in love, we see Elsa learn to control her powers, but you can see it coming. The development never got deeper than the surface, at least that’s how I felt.

    Tangled, on the other hand, I felt, did slow down at moment. It did give characters more time to develop.

    Plus, they gave the villain a villain song. Isn’t that like a Disney Commandment or something? “When one adapteth a fairy tale to the screen, thou must giveth the villain a catchy song.”

    But all kidding aside, I also felt that Tangled had the better villain. Frozen’s just felt like a cop out. (And again, I’m not trying to diss Frozen, I liked it)

  27. Huh, I never realized this was a thing. I never really felt the need to compare them before. Umm, they’re both awesome and I enjoy them equally due to not holding them up to each other? Is that an option

  28. Because Nerds have debates. And I’m not being disparaging, look at history: Kirk vs Picard, Joel vs Mike, CRITIC VS NERD. Internet dorks like us have an innate need to compare things.

  29. Flynn wasn’t the first character to wonder why everyone is bursting into song. Technically Patrick Dempsey’s character in Enchanted did it, too. Although Enchanted was more of a satire/parody/deconstruction of the typical Disney Princess Movie, so some might argue that it doesn’t count.

  30. I personally enjoy Tangled better. I like Frozen just fine, but for some reason the story felt “small” for me. Disney Movies aren’t usually big, epic adventures, but they make you feel like they are… and Frozen never made me feel that. I’m not exactly sure why. I think it’s a pretty solid movie anyway, and the important thing is that kids enjoy it, since it was made for them.

    • Think it might be from what you just said about the story and overall scope?

      Some movies, not just Disney, have their fair share of issues where it feels small, despite being in a grand locations sometimes.

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