Tarzan II – Disneycember

We see how Tarzan grew up, and believe it or not, it’s pretty well done! Doug takes a look at Tarzan II.

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  1. I know this guy was more adult themed than most other comedians like Robin Williams, but it was good to see George Carlin try his hand at something more kid/family friendly, and to it’s extent it actually does pay off here. Shame he passed away though, had people offered him more G-PG rated roles, and as long as he still had good material to work with of course, I think he would very well have been successful to entertaining both younger and more mature audiences during his career.

    • George Carlin was actually in a decent amount of kids shows/movies. He voiced Fillmore in Cars and for years he was Mr Conductor on “Shining Time Station” which is a Thomas the Tank Engine show. I had no idea who he was back then and finding out was hilarious to me. It’s like watching Bob Saget’s stand-up after watching Full House.

  2. Interesting review. I’ve not seen this one, and I’d mostly heard negative things about it, but I’m intrigued, now! The title is stupid, though. They should called it something like, “Tarzan: Son of Man”.

  3. I remember liking this. Plus, I liked that Phil Collins returned. ;D Oh, and I’m pretty sure that this movie won awards of some sort.

  4. Please stop hating Phil Collins so much. I played his Tarzan music all the time as a kid, and hearing you bash him so mercilessly like that makes me feel terrible.

    • Doug just made it clear, that it’s okay that everybody else likes him though he does not. He’s NOT the supreme abrader who determines what everybody else should like or dislike.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      I’ve always felt Phil Collins is at his best when he sounds pissed off. Most of his songs I can take or leave, but on songs like “In The Air Tonight” and “I Don’t Care Anymore,” his delivery is so passionate and intense it’s absolutely riveting.

  5. thatchickwithlonghair

    I bet Doug LOVES that South Park ep where they mercilessly destroy Phil Collins. XD

    I personally don’t have a problem with him as a guy or his other songs but yeah…his narrating songs in the first Tarzan felt too much like exposition that we didn’t need.

  6. Wow! From what I’ve seen, this isn’t much better than the other ones. It’s mediocre at best. Hey, I thought “Return Of Jafar” wasn’t too bad! The animation does look nice. I’m happy when you’re happy.

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