Tarzan & Jane – Disneycember

Tarzan is back, but the great animation is not. Let’s suffer through Tarzan & Jane.

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  1. Well, as pointless a “movie” Tarzan & Jane was, the overall, Legend of Tarzan tv show was still pretty good.

    No, Rose O’Donnel, Minnie Driver, or Wayne Knight, but April Winchell, Jim Cummings, and Olivia D’Abo still pulled good voice over work; for a tv show the animation was good to, and the series itself did tell some pretty neat stories, some almost on parr with Aladdin.

    Is it one of the best animated kids shows? Probably not, but for what it was, it’s still good… though just not as a movie. I mean seriously, Disney be honest!

  2. Honestly, I loved the Tarzan TV Series growing up. It was one of my favorite cartoons to watch. It did a good job of expanding the universe and bringing threats from both the jungle and the human world. There were poachers and enchantresses, jaguars and vengeful sisters. Hell, I distinctly remember there was an episode with a freaking rage virus that made all the animals go insane, including Turk and the Elephant. It’s a shame that such a good TV series was preceded by such a shitty film. It may not have been Gravity Falls level quality, but it definitely deserve a mess of an anthology film either.

    • Cinnamon Scudworth

      Unless we’re thinking of a different episode, the animals going berserk wasn’t because of a virus. I didn’t like that episode. They establish early on that some visitors have built a radio tower in a colony and about two minutes later Terk and Tantor start attacking, yelling “STOP THE RINGING!!” And it takes them forever to figure out the “ringing” is coming from the tower. It was extremely obvious.

      • Oh yeah, you’re right. It’s been forever since I watched the show, so my memory won’t always be correct. Still, it might as well have been a virus since that whole episode had this whole “28 Days Later” type of vibe to it.

  3. I don’t consider this to be a sequel and it’s not even pilot episodes. The series came before this and this was just a movie trying to connect three episodes together. It’s kind of like how the show Recess would have a direct-to-DVD special that connected episodes from the actual show together. I hate how I always have to explain this to people who say it’s an actual sequel when really it’s just a direct-to-DVD special for the TV series. The stories are fun, although not some of the best episodes from the show. The actual sequel, Tarzan 2, that is AWFUL!

  4. I remember liking this as a kid as well because I was actually watching the show around this time. I would watch the show practically every day. Ah, that’s a good memory. ^.^

  5. wow wow wow… I didn’t know this was a “movie”. When the show started or when they had reruns in my country I swear I remember these as just episodes

  6. Never watched the TV show. They made a lot of shows based on their movies. Come on, the “Aladdin” one was good. The animation is as bad as any other movies. Not interested in seeing this. Same can be said for everything else here.

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