Taylor’s Terrible Toy Chest: My Top 5 Horror Movies

Hey! I’m Taylor, an esthetician with an obsession for all things horror. The gorier, the better. Seriously. Blood everywhere. For my first episode ever, I list off my favorite horror movies.

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17 Comments on "Taylor’s Terrible Toy Chest: My Top 5 Horror Movies"


Hey, welcome to the Internet (well, the video side of it, I guess). You have great taste in horror! On Hellraiser I would add that number 4 is pretty essential. Whether you like it or not, it does more for the mythos than 3 and for me it was the more enjoyable film. The newest one is terrible though, for so many reasons.


I guess I should add my top 5. Going with franchises, though, because otherwise it’s too tough for me. Anyway, here we go:

5.) Halloween;

4.) Nightmare on Elm Street;

3.) Evil Dead;

2.) Friday the 13th;

1.) Phantasm.

I also love anthology horror movies, like Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Creepshow, and Cat’s Eye.

Danno Kane

great list here’s mine

#5 Friday the 13th.,,.

#4 Phantasm.,,.

#3 Hellraiser.,,.

#2 Halloween.,,.

#1 A Nightmare On Elm Street.,,.


Hi Taylor. Good to see another member of Lucky Six making videos and really good list of horror films.

Hope to see you and Paul post more here in the future!

Fran Ohmsford

Not really a fan of horror movies myself but if we’re doing Top 5s then:

1) Aliens

2) Event Horizon

3) The Descent

4) The Evil Dead

5) Night of the Living Dead {Original}

Special Mention to From Dusk Till Dawn.


Very bold, putting The Exorcist at number five. But, tastes are tastes, after all.

The Mysterious M

5) H20 (the original is an irreplacable classic, but I find this a fitting end to the trilogy– Halloween, Halloween 2, H20)

4) The Innocents

3) Sweeney Todd

2) The Shining

1) Alien

I know it’s a weak list. But to each his own


These are my five (technically seven) favorite horror films.

5. The Lost Boys

4. Ginger Snaps

3. Let the Right One In/Let Me In (both versions)

2. Halloween

1. Ring/The Ring (both versions)

Also, while I did think the movie version was pretty good It is definitely my favorite horror novel.


Some of my favorite horror movies
– Saw- the first one
– The Shining
– Evil Dead
– Babadook
– I Saw The Devil. Jesus this movie is incredible.

Requiem for a Dream is my favorite movie, but I don’t think that counts as horror?


I actually watched denas two film den episodes on the two hell raiser sequels and they were pretty cool but for you I won’t watch the episode of the fourth one. Id actually like to watch more of your terrible toy chest episodes and hope you do more list. But back onto horror movies haven’t seen a lot but my first one was hansel and gretel witch hunters(if that counts).


Top Five?


5. The Hitcher
4. The Evil Dead
3. Final Destination/Saw
2. Candyman
1. Scream


1 is also Carrie.


Its interesting that Channel Awesome has been getting several ‘new’ Horror Aficionados lately (Count Jackula, Horror Guru, and a couple others).

Although I’m not as big into horror as you all (really haven’t gone out to see a true horror movie in years), I still enjoy the Halloween season, and it will be interesting to see what the lot of you have planned for next month 🙂


Very nice video. I was smiling the whole time – I mean dating Bughuul? 🙂
But anyway: good picks and you seem to be very nice too.

Damn, a beautiful redhead with curly hair that loves Halloween and horror movies? As a woman whom is also a beautiful redhead with curly hair that loves Halloween and horror movies, I’m totally subbing to your YT channel to see more of your vlogs Taylor! 😉 Haha. Your story of how you got into horror movies sounds quite similar to mine. I was also around 7 to 8 when I first saw The Exorcist. Only I watched it with my mother, as she was a fan of horror movies, although she claims not to like them because they scare her… Read more »

A fellow horror lover? colour me intrigued…..

here’s my top five for today (theere are so many good ones how can Iname but 5?)
5.the blob (I can always watch this movie again and again and again
4.evil dead (bruce “chin-tastic” Campbell
3.braindead/dead alive (still one of the goriest & funniest zombiemovies ever)
2.cannibal holocaust
1.freddy vs jason