Tecmo Super Bowl 2016: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (NES)

The BGP crew simulates Super Bowl 50: The Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers in Tecmo Super Bowl 2016. Will the Footballs be properly inflated this time or are we set up for another #deflategate?

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  1. I remember your Super Bowl video from last year and how poor Josh got wrecked. lol!

    All these interceptions really remind me of those early 90’s playoff games where there was an interception every 5 minutes. I swear the ball was always deflated!

    I’ve never played this game so could you explain what coach mode is? I kinda follow football but I don’t really play the games.

  2. Welp, I’m back. I was that girl last year that commented about how the Seahawks were going to win. The ONE time I brag… D: Anyways, I’m not going to comment on who I want to win because I’m not jinxing it this year. LOL.

    • We remember you! I’m personally rooting for the Panthers this year since the Broncos already been in several Super Bowls and I like seeing newer teams make it in. I hope it’s a good, close game this year since those are the most exciting!

      – Ryan

  3. Payton Manning can throw a ball over 12 parsecs? Not this year, he couldn’t. He could barely throw the ball 12 yards. He should legitimately have the worst stats in the game. Worse than Jeff George in the original version. Sixes all around!

    Yeah, Ryan gets it.

    Why Coach Mode? There are four of you, why not split offensive/defensive duties between you? If Ryan’s so good, force him to play the defense, where he probably won’t be QUITE so dominant, since he’d be locked into just one player (safety) per play, while the other team can run/pass around him if needs be? There’s still time. Rematch, rematch, rematch! …Go Panthers.

    You punted the ball from the opposing 30? On fourth and three? Who was that? Heather indicated she at least watches football on Thanksgiving. How could she make that decision/let that happen? A net 10 yard punt, when you coulda gone for 3. Even if you failed, you’d be out 10 yards.

    FYI, even if you have the worst kicker statistically possible, if you’re within the 35, you can make a field goal in this game if you get the arrow accurate (if you have a good kicker, anywhere within the 40). Even going for it on fourth and three woulda make more sense than a guaranteed touchback from punting it that close.

    Ryan, I hereby grant you the Andy Reid award for Most Interesting Clock Management.

    (Aside: why did the end of the first half display zeroes in the third and fourth quarters, as well as the post-game screenie? Is it supposed to do that? At first glance, I figured it was a game-ending glitch.)

    “This is the same halftime show from last year.”

    Why don’t they ever replay the Jackson/Timberlake one? Stupid Nintendo censorship policiies…

    So one side is perpetually stuck as the right-side team? That seems like a major error the modders shoulda tried to fix. Everyone wants to be on the left, right? Why not flip the teams like they do in the pros? If you choose to Receive the opening kick, you get stuck on the right (bad field position). If you choose to Kickoff, you get the good field position. Maybe the code isn’t that flexible. But it would make sense given how they actually assign field position in the NFL. Would you rather have the first (or even an extra) possession, or would you rather play on the left side of the screen, as you’re probably used to? There’s an argument either way.

    OK, after all of these Deflate…I won’t say gate, because this is actually meaningful and that suffix has been abused to the point of irrelevancy….and beyond!….

    …What part of the country are you guys from? Professional curiosity, of course.

    17:30 Epic-comeback-starts-right-here…..

    …Or not. Still, if the over/under of the Super Bowl is 24, I’ll be plenty happy. I’m a Heavy D fan. Also, I like low-scoring NFL games.

    • LOL! Thanks for the award! If only the Chiefs made it in the Super Bowl this year. 😛

      Great point about us trading offensive/defensive duties. I know defense in this game is alot harder to play and it would balance everything out. We decided on Coach Mode since I completely won over Josh last year but we’ll definitely consider going back to manual play next year since those games would probably be more personally engaging. Thanks for the suggestion!

      I’m from Southern California (Born in Pasadena, currently residing in Orange County) and Josh, Heather, and Frank come from Indiana. They moved to Southern California in 2011 so we could start making videos together.

      Thanks for all feedback and we’ll take your considerations for next year! 🙂

      – Ryan

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