Tecmo Super Bowl 2016: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (NES)

The BGP crew simulates Super Bowl 50: The Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers in Tecmo Super Bowl 2016. Will the Footballs be properly inflated this time or are we set up for another #deflategate?

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10 Comments on "Tecmo Super Bowl 2016: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (NES)"


I remember your Super Bowl video from last year and how poor Josh got wrecked. lol!

All these interceptions really remind me of those early 90’s playoff games where there was an interception every 5 minutes. I swear the ball was always deflated!

I’ve never played this game so could you explain what coach mode is? I kinda follow football but I don’t really play the games.


Welp, I’m back. I was that girl last year that commented about how the Seahawks were going to win. The ONE time I brag… D: Anyways, I’m not going to comment on who I want to win because I’m not jinxing it this year. LOL.

Payton Manning can throw a ball over 12 parsecs? Not this year, he couldn’t. He could barely throw the ball 12 yards. He should legitimately have the worst stats in the game. Worse than Jeff George in the original version. Sixes all around! Yeah, Ryan gets it. Why Coach Mode? There are four of you, why not split offensive/defensive duties between you? If Ryan’s so good, force him to play the defense, where he probably won’t be QUITE so dominant, since he’d be locked into just one player (safety) per play, while the other team can run/pass around him if… Read more »