Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) – Honest Review

Turtle Power! ERod finally talks about his favorite Modern Animated Series!

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  1. To be honest while I actually saw whole Karai is Miwa twist coming before it was revealed it was really good twist and something that made me love this version of TMNT even more than I already did until then. It also really showed what Shredder is really like as not only he was ready to turn Splinter’s own daughter against him but also believe himself lie that he had made.

  2. The Real Silverstar

    Great video. Erod’s truly a fan. However, he did miss a couple of trivial bits:

    -Slash in this series was voiced by former child star Corey Feldman, who voiced Donatello in 2 of the 3 original live-action TMNT movies, the original 1990 TMNT and TMNT III.
    -April’s ‘long lost’ mother (who–spoilers–turned out to be a Kraang in disguise) was voiced Judith Hoag, who played April in the aforementioned 1990 movie.

  3. I kinda liked how the last season was dedicated ENTIRELY to fanservice. It’s like the showrunners were thinking “alright, after this Nick is canning the series, so let’s do all the awesome shit they wouldn’t let us do before because it would strain continuity.”

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