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We know where Tenchi started, but what about where it went?

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  1. I loved this show back when it was on Toonami. I thought the whole universe jumping was fun and sometimes clever. I was disappointed they only did 3 episodes with it. They could have cut some of the other filler and ran some other ideas. Like a kaiju universe with a giant Ryo-Ohki as the monster.

    • Incidentally, that whole thing about the Demon of the Rashomon kind of defines the whole Tenchi saga. Think about it: Ryoko and Aeka are always telling versions of the same story that clearly favor themselves while demonizing the other. It’s pretty clear that they have a very skewed perspective of reality. And what’s the name of that one Kurosawa film about skewed perspective and the lack of objective truth?

      That, and there’s a LOT of inspiration for these shows drawn heavily from Shinto mythology.

  2. When Tenchi Universe first played on Toonami, I was disappointed in it; I was really hoping for more continuation of the OVA. But it grew on me. The fact it was at least attempting to tell a more coherent story made it more interesting than the OVA.

    But in my mind, the show really didn’t hold up. Not against the likes of Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, and other great shows. So in recent times, I’ve come to regard it as something of an embarrassing guilty pleasure from my past.

    But after watching Sage’s review of it, I don’t feel quite as guilty about it now. Sure, it’s still not great in comparison to a lot of other anime, but I can see now that my past enjoyment of it wasn’t completely unjustified.

  3. The Real Silverstar

    It’s most likely because I’ve always been an extremely casual viewer of anime in general and harem anime in particular has never been my jam (probably because several of them employ the Dead Mother trope, which I detest with the fury of 1000 suns), but Tenchi Muyo! was one of those shows that I’d watch while it was on because it was there, and then once it was over I’d forget about it and get on with my day. I liked Washu, but that was about it for me.

  4. I could never really get into Tenchi Muyo! It’s basically a dude’s fantasy when you get down to it. You have three guys, one of them a teenager and the other two are adults whose wives are both conveniently dead (married, responsible women would ruin the fantasy. It’d be like having wives at the Playboy Mansion) and all of the females are attractive young women who act like giddy teenage girls, none of which are related to any of the men, who constantly vie for the young man’s attention. Total dude bro fantasy. Haren anime is the Three’s Company of Japan.

    Washu was awesome, though. She was the only character on the show whom I really liked.

    • Yep that definitely can be problematic, for me it’s that while I like strong characters; interpersonal drama has never been my cup of tea in terms of the focus for a fiction series. I don’t why, maybe it’s because I’m on the spectrum?(shrugs) Although this has gotten me wondering if there are any LBGTQ focused harem series. (Goes to dig through tvtropes and imdb)

    • Except that it is revealed that Aeka is related to them; she’s Yosho’s half-sister, which means she’s like Tenchi’s great aunt. Even in Universe, where the relationship wasn’t elaborated on, it’s still clear that she’s related to Yosho on account of being Jurai royalty.

      But then again, that just makes the lust she has for Tenchi (and the lust he has for her in the OVA) just that much creepier.

      And on that note, let’s just not bother mentioning Sasami.

    • Oh, and about Washu: can you think of another show about a short red-haired person who operates a secret laboratory that always seems to get destroyed by a blonde girl in pink?

      “Deeee-Deeee? GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!”

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