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The only thing “special” about this Christmas Special is how especially boring it is.

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  1. Can we ship old man Sage with Linkaras grandma?

  2. Actually, the whole “Santa Day” is what is spoken on the original Japanese track.
    The Japanese traditionally don’t celebrate Christmas and it’s business as usual. The night before however is a bit of a celebration where presents are given, young couples go out to an expensive restaurant and later on a love hotel.

    Then Christmas is a regular work day but everybody gets a bucket of KFC, it’s a tradition that started in the 70’s when an American ex-pat wanting turkey found a KFC and said it was the closest thing. KFC then marketed this as being an “American” thing and it took off. People buy their tickets for this months in advance and often times it’s a complete meal with sides, a large bottle of pop and that ubiquitous Strawberry shortcake which all Japanese call “Christmas cake”.

    So no, the voice actress didn’t screw up.

  3. aww no joke involving Tendo and T-rex Megatron? 🙁

  4. Wait, if the framing device takes place in the future, how does Gabe get one of his eyes back?

  5. Wait, I am a woman, I don’t have a waifu pillow, oh well, at least I have some Hot Cocoa and a warm blanket still with me.

  6. Ah Ranma. The series that had a dub so horrid, its what started me on subtitles halfway through the first episode and I never looked back.

    Ranma was also The first Manga I ever read. Im happy to say that as long as they aren’t speaking audible english, the characters are still ilkeable and enjoyable. Watching/reading Ranma is like a night out with old friends, it won’t change your life, but its still a fun time

  7. Say what you will about the dubbing, but you have to admit that Paul Dobson made a great Happosai. I couldn’t see anyone else doing that part in an English dubbing as well as he did.

  8. Wait, I thought they didn’t do all of those movies and OVAs until after 1996. So what did they bring Sarah Strange back for just this OVA, because Richard Ian Cox voiced Ranma since 1992, and it’s just weird to hear Strange as Ranma past season 4.

  9. I’ve been a really big fan of Ranma 1/2 ever since I first saw it on TV in 1994, but there’s one thing that really annoys me, and about which I constantly bitch on various Ranma forums: why is it funny when a girl hits a boy for every little stupid thing but it’s outrageous when a boy does the same to a girl?

    That’s one of the things that bothers me the most about a lot of the harem series I read and watch (and I know that Ranma is theoretically a martial arts slapstick comedy): the fact that in a lot of them the main character gets constantly abused by the girls that are supposedly interested in him, especially if it’s not his fault.

    There are exceptions, of course, like Urusei Yatsura which I can’t stand at all and is probably the Takahashi series I hate the most (well, I might hate Inu Yasha a bit more still). But in Urusei Yatsura Ataru is a complete scumbag and often deserves the blows and electrocutions.

    However, Ranma is only a jerk and never hurts the girls physically for being insulted or belittled. Yes, Ranma opens his mouth a lot before thinking, but I think that parts of it is his upbringing by a despicable father who probably hasn’t really taught him how to behave in the civilized world, but that doesn’t entitle Akane and the others to physically abuse him for it.

    But then, there’s not a single really nice character in the show, even people like Kasumi and Tofu who have their men streaks (Tofu by crippling Ranma in one of the first episodes so that Akane is forced to carry him home, and Kasumi by piling cats on him after learning about the nekoken).

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Very good review Mr.Sage I’m very glad that they’ll will be another episode before 2016 wraps up(thank God for that).

    Speaking of Japanese and music, I much better go listen to Babymetal or Silhouette on the Skylight cause their way catchier rock bands and don’t sound forced like the English actors trying to translate a k pop song in an English dubbed viz media anime.

    Speaking of Inyuasha, I find it quite funny how the girl character says Inyuasha sit boy and I have a childhood memory where I was at my sister’s friends house and she was laughing at that clip and thats how I remember Inyuasha. Granted I’m 17 years old now so that was over 10 years ago so yeah good times.

    Well better be on my way I got some Babymetal to listen to

  11. heh nice close to xmas gift. Thank you for the review.

    So Wuss. Do you have any interest in reviewing “Mitsudomoe” it seems like an Anime right up your ally.

    Merry Xmas.

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