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A conman is forced to take over the unenviable job of restoring the post office to working order as part of a plan to deal with problems with the clacks. Lord Vetinari is a harsh master at times.

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  1. Oh I remember This movie I’ve never read the book though.

  2. I don’t agree with your assessment in the first few minutes about a step going wrong when they show the Clax working. I have never, still to this day, read the book and I’ve not read any Discworld story that involves the Clax. I’m not even sure I’m spelling it correctly. However, the film did a perfect job letting me know exactly what it is, what it does and how it came about. Perhaps it took a bit longer to get there with a full and detailed explanation, but right from the moment someone requested a message be sent, and we see the various lights and mechanisms, I got exactly what it was showing easily despite no familiarity with the thing on screen. Frankly, I’d have found it extremely annoying and pointless to have any kind of narration or eye-rolling expository dialogue since it does the job fine as is.

    Similarly, I think having Moist be responsible for the situation with Adora’s family is a nice touch, even though it does shift the villain from Moist’s match in wits to just a murderous businessman. It gives Moist more of a personal reason to repent for his actions. And besides, I can see Adora hating Gilt for taking her father’s company, and the fact he’s connected with so many deaths would likely make her suspicious that he’s behind them.

    Also on that sliced bread thing, I’m surprised at you, Chuck. A life-long Pratchett fan and you don’t remember this joke from Chrysoprase:
    Chrysoprase: “I hear you’re the best thing since sliced bread.”
    Clod: “We’re better!”
    Chrysoprase: “Good. Because being sliced ain’t much fun.”
    Or similar, it’d take a while to find the exact line.

    There are elements I do agree with to a certain degree though, like Adora in this story. Whether it be the casting or the direction (probably the latter), she doesn’t come across like the force of nature she really should. While I haven’t read the original book, or any others that feature her (if there are any more), the script makes it very evident what type of character she is.
    And it is sad that some in the cast either were made to, or decided to, act more over-the-top than was necessary. The villain especially, though a wonderful performance from one perspective, is a little sad when you realise what an intimidating force he could have been if taken more seriously by the performer, thus emphasising the good humour too, as was done with Lord Vetinari.

  3. That’s unfortunate, as “Going Postal” is my favorite Pratchett book.

  4. Hogfather I think is the best of the live action Discworld adaptations.

    But still I prefer this version of Going Postal to the Colour of Magic adaptation, that one just didn’t click with me, neither did reading the books the Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic.

    Mort is and forever will be my favourite Discworld book, although Wyrd Sisters and Guards Guards! come in a close equal second. Mort made me a Discworld fan.

  5. Here’s VidMe:
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    *lather, rinse, repeat.

    And no, the download is not taking up a significant amount of my ordinary bandwidth; its just that the VidMe player sucks major ass.

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