That Doesn’t Go There 2016 – WTFIWWY Live

This week: we close out the year with a double-sized episode describing what went where and how … why is anyone’s guess …

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  1. Generic meds are usually indistinguishable from name brand but for rescue inhalers you get what you pay for: Ventolin comes ready to go out of the box and tastes sweeter. I recently was accidently given a generic brand inhaler and you can taste it. Liquid not-Ventolin is just fine but the puffer falls short.

    I actually buy the screwdriver one: There are toolkits where the tools stand up; Someone could put the kit on a chair and another someone doesn’t look and sits down OR someone falls backwards onto a kit.

  2. What on earth was with the obsession with shoving crayons in holes this year?

  3. Tara being sarcastic about people not paying attention to women in a news story isn’t feminism, it’s just annoyingly snippy. But the people giving you shit for feminist shit instead of you know, your pedantic mastery and ideas of how crime and society works, are idiots with misguided priorities so FAIR I guess.

  4. That “nutcracker” story: Truly a a murder plot that’d make Daffy Duck proud.

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