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More cults should just be peace-loving people wanting to embrace feudal Japan with arenas of death.

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  1. 4:50 reminded me of that one Geico commercial for some reason. “HALP! I HAVE A FLAT TIRA!”

  2. It’s nice to have the A-Team back! Or should I say Mr. T? You did pretty good analysis at the end. It didn’t suck that much. I’ve never seen this show. The intro already tells us the story, dude.

  3. Of all the crap we went through in 2016, we deserve some good old fashioned Mr. T action as of late.

    4:30- The original A-Team had everything. Action. Memorable characters. Mr. T. …Racism.

    Nice twofer on the tire scene.

    6:44- They were kidnapped by Foot Soldiers from the original TMNT cartoon series? …On second thought, there should be an A-Team/Ninja Turtles crossover.

    9:44- I knew you’d do a Time Warp joke. Also, no Castle of Fu-Manchu reference? Really?
    I also called the song about treating your mother right.

    10:32- Nowadays, the media gives the Trump Administration a bad rap, and rightfully so.

    14:00- Well, at least B.A. isn’t fighting a hired goon named “Ster-Roy.”

    Have fun next week with The Batman/Superman Movie.

  4. And what was the deal with the wreck and flat tire? That contributed somewhere between jack and spit to the story. What was the point? Now, if it actually contributed somehow – like maybe the bad guys captured them as a result of it or something – it would make sense. But this was pointless.

  5. And to be really nerdy… if they had a computer connection to the FBI in the 1980s, they had a phone line. Even if they didn’t have a voice line for a modem, they’d need a T1 or fractional T1 for the data service, which was provisioned by the local phone company. (Yeah, I’m ignoring if the FBI even allowed such access.)

  6. How the heck was B.A. Baracus a Vietnam vet if he had a crippling fear of flying? How did he GET there?!

    • You know, he could’ve acquired that fear of flying DURING Vietnam. A mission gone wrong perhaps. Possibly involving Murdoch given how BA dislikes him.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        That’s the only explanation for it that makes any sense. Nobody would be accepted into the army’s Special Forces if they had a paralyzing fear of flying.

    • I always assumed that once Murdock went with the crazy routine he did some stuff that caused BA’s fear. Note he’s the only member of the team that really thinks Murdock is crazy.

  7. Good to see Spoony in something, ANYTHING, on the web for the first time in months and months, even if it’s about as authentic as Paul Walker’s performance in Furious 7.

  8. Huh, I never noticed before that Lt. Reginald Barclay from star trek tng was a part of the A-Team.

    • Really? It was highly publicised at the time. Must be so cool to be learning that just now! 🙂

      In the movie remake of The A-Team, when the team makes a movie within a movie, the credit for Murdoch’s character is ‘Reginald Barclay’.

  9. 11:05 I guess the “devil statues” are supposed to be Nio/Kongorikishi (仁王 or 金剛力士), the statues of guardians in front of Buddhist temples. They are pretty widespread in Japan, so I personally think it DOES make them an element of “old world of Japan”.

  10. In the pilot (and mentioned several times throughout the series), Hannibal pretended to be a Chinese laundry owner, Mr. Ling, in order to vet out potential clients.

    Finding Amy something to do was always a problem in the first season. That along with George Peppard never thinking the character fit the series led to her being written out.

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