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As a new Spider-man Franchise looms on the horizon ERod takes a look back a the less dignified moments of the Amazing Arachnid’s previous films.

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  1. Krimzon_Mechanism

    I really tried giving the Andrew Garfield movies a shot, but here’s something that I have to explain regarding the failure of these movies, and this is something that a lot of people in other mediums fail to realize in Spiderman’s essence, which make it so unique.

    Peter Parker is a nerd. Not a geek, not a regular person with bullies on his back. A pure, unadulterated, nerd.

    Now, why is this important? Because it allows his character to grow. As soon as he puts his suit on, he suddenly becomes powerful, he becomes confident and sure of himself. This helps him in his regular life as he slowly becomes more and more extroverted and social. It allows him to evolve as a person and to become a better functioning human being.

    Now, think about Tobey Maguire movies. They. Freaking. Nailed. It.
    There, Peter does look like a total social outcast and it works extremely well.

    Now look at the Andrew movies. He isn’t a nerd, he’s just some geek that has a bully problem. No bully, no problems, he becomes more social and confident all by himself if they take the bully out of the picture. Meanwhile, you could take the bully out of the Toby movies and Peter would still be a social outcast.

    This really changes the overall character, mostly because the impact becomes much more pronounced and interesting to observe.

    I will give the Andrew movies a thumbs up for how they handled Spidey’s quips and jokes. Spiderman with a firefighter helmet on, helping the firemen put out flames was hilarious, and it’s the ONLY thing I remember of those movies.

    • Chicken Puppet

      Thank you! You summed up one of the major issues I think made the “Amazing” series less authentic than the Raimi series in a way I hadn’t thought about. McGuire’s Parker really is more like the Peter Parker I remember reading about in the comic books, even though when I read them he was already married to MJ Watson.

    • Nerds in the traditional sense aren’t as ridiculed as they used to be.

  2. I like both of the movies but I will agree in that I never got the “blood may poison you” scenes and on a personal point, 1. I thought the parent’s subplot weighed both movies down and 2. I wish that Electro had gotten some redemption a la Sam Raimi’s Sandman. I didn’t mind the Gwen Stacy death scene.

  3. Chicken Puppet

    I think now that enough time has passed and people are looking at all the Spiderman films objectively, we’re realizing that the first two Raimi films are classics, and felt like the classic Silver Age Spidey we all love.

    Now the first Amazing movie is okay, and Garfield is solid as the web slinger…but Spiderman 3 and Amazing 2 are both poorly constructed messes.

  4. Does anyone else feel like something is off about this new format of his? For one it’s very short…too short in fact. It’s like watching Youtube from 5 years ago where everyone tried to squeeze everything in to 10 minute videos because that was about the limit you could post. I like long, drawn out explanations and in depth analysis but this is just a quick clip show with some fancy special effects and doesn’t really seem to say a whole lot that other reviewers haven’t already said and said better in many cases. I no longer look forward to these videos as much as I did the ones from the old format and I think I might just skip them from now on.

    • I agree, he can cut to himself talking and probably get away with using more stills if Youtube is being evil with clips.

      The reason we love ERoD is because he’s a knowledgeable film buff and fanboy with a fun, fast delivery of analysis. It’s not really the format that bugs me, it’s the lack of substance compared to his old style.

    • I was jes thinking the same thing before I watched the video. I’ll sometimes let videos slide up to a week, and I watch videos in order of least favorite to favorite. ERod use to be one of the last videos I’d watch (with only Linkara, WTFIWWY and NC coming after.) Today was the first time I felt like “well, let’s get this out of the way,” and it’s a shame to think that way about a person that use to be one of my most enjoyable favorites.

      EDIT: Although, I will say that I’m enjoying the Legends of Fandom stuff, at least.

  5. “Rebusting Fant four stic”? I am grabbing popcorn for that one.

  6. I’ve never understood the reasoning that telling loved ones your secret identity somehow puts them in more danger. If anything, it allows them to prepare for the danger that already exists. Unless the hero is willing to cut him/herself off from all emotional attachments, the trope really doesn’t make sense.

    The worst case is probably Superman where not only does Lois would regularly put herself in danger to do her job, even if she’d ever met Superman. Second, there’s the fact that it’s always been publicly known that Superman is, at bare minimum, friends with Daily Planet staffers. That’s all that’s required to put them in danger, not whether or not Lois, Jimmy, and Perry know he’s Clark Kent or not.

    As to Peter/Gwen, it can easily be argued that not telling her in the comics is what led to her death. From the real world sense, a lot of Gwen’s character had degenerated into being a bit whiny because Peter kept no showing. While she started out quite glamorous, she became a bit of a boring girl next door type. This was exacerbated by the fact that there was another female supporting cast member who was far more dynamic, Mary Jane Watson. This is highlighted by the fact that MJ was willing to walk away on the relationship, where Gwen kept taking Peter’s apparent neglect. Later, a retcon revealed MJ knew Peter’s secret all along and once she became his confidante, it improved things further.

    The movie versions of Peter/MJ and Peter/Gwen are almost the reverse of this.

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