The Angry Birds Movie – Projector

Does this adaptation of the phone game make Film Brain an angry birdie, or can he control his rage at this cash-in brand extension?

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  1. Professor Persona

    Mathew, I respect you a lot, but lumping games together is already harsh, but saying that all games or even games in general have tiny storylines just to get you to the next part is incorrect and rather unlearned for you to say. Angry Birds is not the same type of game as even Street Fighter, let alone more story based ones that have been adapted terribly like Resident Evil.

    The video game adaptations are usually dodgy at best because the filmmakers don’t believe that the video game story itself would appeal to mass audiences, so they take the setting and rewrite everything else. It’s rather insulting and problematic, especially because people that haven’t played the games think that they have little to no story when it (usually) isn’t true. At least this time they chose a game that had no story to it, so they could do what they wanted as long as it featured pigs in a building or some other setup getting knocked over by birds. At least they got that right, which is more than I can say for some adaptations, so…there’s that.

    I do agree that I’m sick as hell with origin stories-not because I don’t like seeing origins, because I usually love that, but because they ONLY focus on the origin in such movies instead of spending the first third on it then setting up the template for their world with a minor villain and set pieces with the other two thirds.

    I also despise not-swears in ‘kids’ movies. TMNT had that ‘shell’ instead of hell annoyance and many other cartoons do the same thing. It’s not funny and its not appropriate. Either you avoid swears or you don’t. Either way, whatever, but don’t disturb the parents/guardians with this nonsense. It’s a hell of a lot more annoying to get kids to not run around yelling ‘shell yeah’ because you can’t rationalize it because there is no swear except by telling them its annoying, and that doesn’t sound fair to the kid and it’s not fair to us to have to do that or explain the swear. At least if they are repeating swears, we can bluntly explain why its bad. UGH!!!!!

    • HermioneHotpants

      I agree. Nowadays many games have much more elaborate and better stories than many movies. Even “back in the day” there were games with epic storylines like Baldur’s Gate and ofcourse Planscape: Torment, which had the most awesome, special, epic and mysterious story I have ever seen in any game or movie. In my opinion, I haven’t seen anything that came near the epicness of the story that Planescape: Torment had.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ah pluck my life is the play on the f word I believe you we’re talking about that was cut from the u.k. anyways despite the drab reviews the movies getting I’m still gonna see this!!!

  3. Just watching a 10 minute Lets Play of the game on YouTube would have really told you everything you needed to know, since the basic gameplay is very simple, so I find the excuse of not having played the game a bit lazy in this case.

    Angry Birds was based on an earlier game, Crush the Castle, which involved using a trebuchet to lob projectiles at a castle inhabited by medieval-themed figurines, with the goal of killing all of them. The game didn’t catch on very well, untill Rovio basically stole the concept, turned the trebuchet into a catapult, the projectiles into birds with special powers for each bird, turned the medieval figurines into pigs, and marketed it as Angry Birds.

  4. Another video so soon? Oh Mr. Brain, you spoil us so 🙂

    This is the year for game adaptations: but I’m hoping Warcraft and Assasin’s Creed are better then this. This looks obnoxiously average: especially the Mighty Falcon joke in the trailer: I called it the moment they saw the pool. Yik.
    Only good video game movies are Prince of Persia and the origional Street Fighter film (speaking of which Byson from Chun Lee is an OTT villain in Arrow: some people never learn 🙂 )

    Good video but I think kids movies are just getting fmore fast and obnoxious: there are exceptions of course, like Zootopia, but they are getting worse

  5. What’s next: Charlie the Unicorn: The Movie aaaaahhhhhhhh!

  6. Yeah think about it, Let’s make Youtube’s FilmCow Jason Steele’s Charlie The Unicorn random videos with random story or no story at all into an animated feature film.

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