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Tim & Beth totally ignore politics to look at a reality show that has nothing to do with the 2016 election. It’s Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

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  1. It will be yuge!

  2. Oh God, I remember this show.

    How is it that Gordon Ramsey is tolerable when he’s ripping into people, but everything about Trump is just downright despicable?

    Trump is as worthless as the Kardashians and if he wins this election, I’m going back to Mexico and he can build his wall.

    • Maybe because Ramsey does seem like a nice guy IRL however he gets frustrated at people’s stupidity (plus I think he might be over-reacting for the sake of reality TV).

    • Maybe cause Ramsay rips into ppl mostly cause they should know better. He doesn’t tell women to show of their body cause theres no room for that in a kitchen setting or anything like that. I watched a lot of the shows from the guy & a lot of Hells Kitchen rants tear downs comes from the fact he has supposed profesionals come to him for a chance to hit it big & get a huge push forward in their Career but they make amateur mistakes that piss the guy off. However he does also let them know when they do well. Also watch some of his other stuff. The guy is like a big puppy outside Hell’s Kitchen

      • Oh yes, he is very genuinely a friendly man outside television. In other programs where he goes and helps out failing restaurants, he’s calmer, quieter, but still bluntly honest because he cares very much. He wants those failing business owners to care again, so he does everything he can to help re-ignite that in them.

        • Yeah, he is a genuinely much nicer person outside of his shows – same with Simon Cowell as well. The guy is pretty much an average everyday guy in real life.

    • While Gordon is mostly aggressive on his shows he is a nice guy in person, the same can be said for Simon Cowell. Simon’s brutally honest but he’s actually quite nice despite this. Trump on the other hand is basically what I call a total ‘ogre’ of a man.

  3. Vote Natural Law Party!

  4. I wish NBC-Universal could be held responsible for their role in this election, but, admittedly it’s nearly all retrospective

  5. “Is this really the person you want running the country?”
    No but I’ll take it over the alternative.

    “Find the person who you think is qualified.”
    Unfortunately one of the current candidates will still get elected before that person is found.

    • I’ll gladly take the alternative.

    • How is Hilary Clinton worse than Donald Trump? Regardless of what you may think of Clinton’s personality, she’s a professional who is 200 times more qualified for the position of President of the U.S. than the Trumpster.

      The Donald is at least entertaining (if you like reality TV), but he needs to stay the hell away from politics. He’s unhinged, he has no plan and his supporters are the worst excuses for human beings on the planet who seem to suggest that the evolutionary process has somehow slipped into reverse.

      • She’s taken both sides of every issue so many times that we don’t know what she plans to do.

        She claims she’ll continue Obama’s policies, which people are unhappy with.

        Her past support of Jack Thompson shows poor judgement and a willingness to blame a scapegoat rather than examine an issue.

        Trump has his wall but listening to Clinton talk about climate change makes it sound like she has access to sort of super villain type weather control device.

        The Clinton Foundation is at least just as shady as the Trump Foundation.

        I’ll take someone who at the very least has been consistent so that I can gauge how bad it will be.

        • “I’ll take someone who at the very least has been consistent so that I can gauge how bad it will be.”

          Trump has been consistent, alright; consistently insane and awful! Clinton (whether you personally like her or not) has the brains, the experience and the temperament for the job. All the things that Trump clearly lacks. Furthermore, Clinton doesn’t act like a spoiled child and a human internet troll.

          Honestly, if at this stage you still believe that there’s something to be gained by voting for a creep like Donald Trump, then I can’t help you.

        • The Real Silverstar

          “I’ll take someone who at the very least has been consistent so that I can gauge how bad it will be.”

          Trump’s consistency is precisely why I know he’s unfit for the Oval Office. The man is consistently an asshat.

        • Trump is a con artist who squandered his inherited fortune and needed to make it back somehow, so he decided to run a campaign. If he somehow gets elected, then he’ll have a prestigious job to fall back on, but I can’t see this as anything more than a way for Trump to get taxpayer money.

          Trump is an idiot who doesn’t know how to run a business properly, but he does know how to stir people into an authoritarian frenzy. He’s using fear to get donations and he’s keeping most of them for himself.

          • “He’s using fear to get donations and he’s keeping most of them for himself.”

            Certainly Trump is a bad candidate. My argument is that Clinton isn’t any better. I gave my reasons for that. They weren’t based on fear of what might happen but a logical analysis of what has happened.

          • Agree, Trump has lost most of his daddy’s money and only has his brand left as currency. If he is as rich as he claims, he’d have published his tax returns by now.
            I got no love for Clinton, but there’s no way I’d vote for a spoiled, cheating, misogynistic bully who throws temper tantrums when things don’t go his way (can you imagine him in international negotiations?).
            Finally for those who say “vote for the alternative”, don’t waste your vote. We’d all like to vote for an ideal candidate, but you have to be realistic. I’d like to repeat the slogan form 2002’s French presidential campaign: “vote for the crook not the fascist”.

    • Clinton has taken strides to try and be as inclusive as possible. Not only that, she also has the experience with politics — which includes taking criticism, dealing with others, and actually making plans. The only bad thing Clinton has done was send emails to the wrong inbox, something that has been CONSTANTLY done with no criticism until she did it.

      Trump, as Sharking Jumping stated, only sees the politics as a game. I bet that once he wins, he’ll try to quit being President a couple months afterward just because the politics are too hard for him and he felt like he got his reward. Do you know who we would have to deal with if that happened? Pence, a guy who wants to force LGBT people to be straight.

      This whole “no one is qualified” garbage is just there so people don’t vote and Trump wins. We dealt with that once with Busch, and that got us into the Recession.

      • “This whole ‘no one is qualified’ garbage is just there so people don’t vote and Trump wins.”

        On the contrary, if someone were actually qualified I would be unconcerned about them winning. The lack of qualified candidates makes it more important that people vote, and if nothing else negate a vote for the other candidate.

        • By “other candidate”, you don’t mean Clinton, right?

          Cause, like I said, she actually knows what it takes to be a politician. She’s not in this like it’s some popularity contest like Donald Trump is, she actually has some understanding of the stakes.

          • “By ‘other candidate’, you don’t mean Clinton, right?”

            In this election yes. Though I meant my comment to apply to any political race where both candidates are undesirable.

          • But as I said, she IS qualified to run the race.

          • I already mentioned her poor judgement and aversion to dealing with an issue directly.

            I avoided bringing up the emails before since it can be argued without reaching a conclusion. What I can say for certain is that by her own admission Clinton is guilty of incompetence. In a statement by an FBI director it’s indicated she may also be guilty of criminal negligence and that it is only because they couldn’t find a prosecutor willing to do so that she wasn’t charged.

            The severity of these points are open to debate. Yet they do demonstrate how qualified Clinton is.

          • Plus, we can survive with her as president for 4 years. We can’t survive 4 minutes with Trump in charge. He will undermine and destroy every good relation the US has out there with other nations.

          • Clinton claims to want a no-fly zone in Syria. Again, she changes her mind so much who can say what her real intent is. Though if she does this, it would be an antagonistic move against Russia. I stated above I’m not deciding based on fear of what might happen. Instead, I look at what has happened. And I don’t think Trump has suggested anything nearly as bad as this.

          • Trump wants to FORCE Mexico to pay for a wall (when most illegal immigrants come by BOAT) and called them rapists. You DO know where Mexico is located, right?

          • Yes, I know where Mexico is located and they aren’t as much of a threat, even if they are geographically closer. If it’s a matter of which country either candidate will start a war with then Clinton’s comment is way worse than Trumps.

  6. in the uk it still going since 2005 and now it not a job but a 50 50 business.

  7. Probably a good idea you disabled comments on YouTube.

    Politics just seem to bring out the worst in everyone.

  8. Advice needed: how in the hell do I talk to anyone who I KNOW is a Drumpf supporter? How in the infinite Abyss do I possibly maintain discourse beyond civil nonchalance? Within my own FAMILY even? Everyone who votes for this guy is complicit with bigotry and misogyny and “othering” and xenophobia and zealous nationalism and below-barrel-bottom stupidity on a level I literally was unable to think was still possible a year ago.

    How can I possibly talk to these hideously stupid people? Is there ANY hope of changing their minds at this point? What the frak can we possibly do??

  9. Marvel’s Wonder Woman

  10. Go vote people! Don’t hide behind this “There’s no alternative” crap, go and make your voice be heard. You can say a lot of bad things about racists (and you should), but they do vote!
    Come on people, piss off Drumpf, you know you want to 🙂

  11. “Tim & Beth totally ignore politics.” Except you bring it up every 30 seconds. Fooled me. Enjoy the clicks.

    • You haven’t been watching them for very long if this is your complaint.

      When it comes to certain issues, they tend to make blatant tongue-in-cheek mentions to said issues (see “Cyberbu//y”)

    • Definition of sarcasm
      : the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny

  12. Hey Shark Jumping! Here is a suggestion for your next review: Gilmore Girls! I feel like it would be great timing since they have that new special coming out later this month.

    Granted, I already feel like I know when exactly the shark was jumped, but I would love to see your thoughts on it.

  13. When you spend nearly 29 minutes bashing Trump and fear-mongering his potential presidency you’ve gone beyond the point where you can say ” we aren’t telling you how to vote or who to pick”.

    Not that it should matter but I’m not a U.S Citizen and I have no preference for either candidate. The above comment is 100% objective and not politically driven.

    Aside from that last 2 minutes this was a fun episode. Looking forward to what’s next.

  14. This video confirmed that my long-held belief is true: the clebrification of Obama DID ruin the office of the President (or at least it will have, if Trump is elected). He’s every bit the showboater that Trump is, only he’s been less of a despicable person about it.

  15. A tale of two shows:
    The first few (business) seasons had Trump looking for individuals who were team-players, players who got along with others, and was vocal toward show-boaters.
    Then the celebrity seasons happened:
    Since the show was now more about ratings and less about competant business people, Trump would try and keep dramatic outspoken personalities on the show as long as possible, firing individuals for the most stupid reasons (I’m firing you because of something you did two years ago). The show became a three-ring circus and Trump was the ringmaster (Seriously, NBC advertised the show exactly like that!!)

  16. Tired of modern recent politics? You and me both Beth honey sister.

  17. Yeah I totally agree with you Beth baby. And by the way Donald Trump’s middle name is John, why do so many people address his middle name as “J” it’s just “John.”

  18. There is no one else left to be a competent or peaceful or stabilized or wise person in America today to run for President for this nation period. And I don’t want a warmonger in the White House like that Islamic-Ass kissing, Ultra-Feminist Feminazi Russian-hating woman named Hillary who’s husband was the ultimate condoned rapist and warmonger and fully destroyed Yugoslavia just because Serbia was in NATO’s way. “Ethnic-Cleansing Rubbish Bullshit Theory My Jewish but mostly Russian Ass” Serbia’s ruthless Fascist and Islamic Fundamentalists attacked and butchered them first and then Serbian People’s army was forced to retaliate against them starting in 1991, not the other way around Stupid Americans.

  19. Bottom Line: I’ll proudly vote Donald Trump, me and my family especially my Socialist-leaning grandparents who are complete Soviet Communists by heart and mind would have voted for Democrat nominee Bernie Sanders but the Clinton Hydra She-Serpent drove him and his followers out of the picture. I want peace or at least stability back into this insufferable, wretched, nearly conquered by Islamic forces world, they are the cause of Old World White Europe’s suffering (Middle Eastern and North African Refugees which none of them are Jews or Christians mind you) Which in hindsight it was the European Union’s fault to begin with by listening to us through the Obama administration of causing the “Arab Spring Movement” that destroyed stabilized governments that needed to be dictatorships because the people are ruthless savages of Religious Fanaticism and they are giving a free hand to Islamicize Caucasian Christian Western and Central Europe particularly Germany and France (Eastern Europe is under NATO’s domination to prepare it’s war on my Federal Mother Russia through New-Age Fascist Revolutionary Ukraine. Everyone wants a piece or Russia under still-reigning Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin because of the threat and danger of World War III. Like I said there no one wise today. You Americans have nothing to teach this world except hegemony and Imperialism.

  20. Why couldn’t Sarah Palin or Oliver Stone couldn’t nominate themselves for President of the USA in either party?

  21. I should be US President, unfortunately I was not born here in this soil.

  22. The difference between Gordon Ramsay, Simon Cowell and Trumpty is that at least the former two are enjoyable when they are being as brash and brutal as possible – Trumpty on the other hand just has attitude problems and comes across as catty.

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